Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday.....all day

Someone wanted to know what our house looked like so here is a picture of the have seen quite a few of the back and the pond. Notice our is a giant golf ball on a tee. We have the only one that I have ever seen and it's always fun to listen to someone going by on their bike and saying look at that mailbox! My husband does love his golf that is for sure. I actually wanted to incorporate the little mini golf cart into the front flower garden but sadly not only would I have to chain it from "disappearing" but little ones climbed right thru my flowers to sit in it LOL!

If you look close you will also see some blue flags and a stake right next to my flower garden with a pink flag on it. We came home to those a few weeks ago and just yesterday got a hand delivered letter saying the city was going to put in ditches to help with a water problem that we don't have. I have made many phone calls but have gotten no where except to find out that the right of way is that far into my lawn.............they supposedly are starting this project next week so I'm gonna make sure that I take my blood pressure pills regularly as it will not be a happy week watching my lawn get torn up. I guess it could be worse and they could be putting in sidewalks and making us pay for that.............

Let's see Saturday started off with me making 2 sympathy cards as we had unexpected deaths yesterday. One guy was only 53 and had a heart attack and his son is a close friend of my son's so I know that hit home hard. But there was something else I was supposed to do what was it??? Oh YEAH.........I need to pick a WINNER for all those neat little goodies. I put everyone's name in a bag (couldn't find a hat) and put doubles in for people who sent friends over and also for those who became followers.............shook the bag up really good and reached in and pulled out the name......................drum roll please...................Mary NSC.............congrats girl and make sure you send me an email with your snail mail address.!!

I want to thank everyone for checking in, stopping by and leaving such nice comments. I think next week I will start another RAK for some of those homemade flowers I have been crocheting.


Lorraine said...

Whoohoo....congrats, Mary. That is one awesome RAK!!!!!!

Enjoy it.

Tona said...

Congrats Mary!

.................... said...

Congrats, Mary!

MaryNSC said...

OMG thats ME thats ME..
Can U hear me HOLLER!!

MaryNSC said...

OOO I forgot tot ell U that MAIL BOX it so FANTASTIC my brother in law would have a FIT!!LOLOL
Thank U everybody fir COngradulating me too..

Betsy said...

Congrats Mary!!!!!

marla said...

Way to go Mary!!!!!!! Wow I love those flowers you have made. What a beautiful house you have. Thanks for sharing!!!