Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fabulous Finds

Last Saturday I went garage saling with a friend and found some amazing things for my scraproom. The first one started out as glass jars on a spiral turntable that was meant for spices but I could see buttons in them. I spent one night watching tv and sorting buttons by colors and here is the end result. Not the greatest picture but I'm sure you get the drift.

I also found some complete NEW sets of stampin up...........one matched a truck set I just got a few months ago at full price and the other is some adorable kinda sassy stamps. $5 each set....you can't beat that price! There are more to this set but these 3 were so cute. Make sure you click on the picture so it enlarges and you can read them.

Last but not least I found this at Goodwill and it is a huge wooden bird house storage unit. It must stand 4 feet tall and has a terrific magnet latch that is strong. I think it's gonna need some of my TLC as far as some painting etc but I think it will be nice out on the patio and store some of the things we use often.

We have had some nice sunny days so I have doing allot of yard work for the past 4 days. I have moved some perennials and weeded flower beds and last nite after getting the pond all cleaned out we replaced the pump and got that running. Now all we have to do is add fish LOL! Last year we had a couple of dozen different goldfish swimming in there but come winter we gave them away to good homes so time to start over. I have collected many yard/garden decorations over the past 7 years so it takes time to haul them all out and find a good place for them too. But the end is worth it when we sit on our swing and gaze over the pond and the gardens......it is so peaceful...........our own private retreat. During the winter the retreat is my scraproom but I love being outside and today we saw our 1st hummingbird at our feeder too. Gotta love spring!


Melanie Stanczyk said...

Love the button holder! I want one!

Don't forget to come to my garage sale!

marla said...

Wow Louise those are so awesome of finds. I love the stamp sets that is how I LOVE to buy SU stamps. I loved the button organizer what a great Idea!! I wish I had room to do that

Hannah said...

fun finds!!!! love the "spice rack"!

Tona said...

Wow! You have a kanck for finding some great stuff. I love your button holder. It keeps the buttons handy, it's pretty to look at, & it doesn't take up too much space...perfect.

Nathalie said...

Great finds! Makes me want to go out this weekend and check the sales around here ;)

rosegarden said...

Wow - Louise, you inspire me. I would not have looked at the spice set to do that. And the stamps! Okay, yard saling here I come. I also love the Birdhouse shelf. Another inspiration. My Hubby is really handy with wood and tools. That would make awesome Christmas gifts this year.

Please post pictures of your gardens and ponds. It's another love of mine