Sunday, May 10, 2009

I've been a busy bee lately

When things are troubling me or I am worried, I am one of those gals that just keeps busy busy busy. So this week I would do house work and yard work around our house in the mornings and then every afternoon I would head downtown and help out a friend who is opening a consignment shop. It's kinda funny to be doing that after owning one myself for 15 years but Patti has rented a building downtown just off the main street that is like 125 years old so it has the high ceilings, lots of room and character.

One day we did nuthing but move things and fixtures that she had bought and then the next day we set up her desk/sales area and showcases. The last few days we have been painting the back room where she will have intake etc. We did it in a kinda shabby chic method of a tan and light purple so it is very unique but talk about hard work as the wood was all so old, uneven and unfinished. The good part is it brightened it up considerably. After working there all afternoon I would come home get supper ready and finish things around the house and yard. Speaking of the yard we had big plans to do some stuff this week-end but didn't count on not only getting our first rain but temps were in the 40's. Can you believe 70 on Friday and then 40 the next day? Way too cold to stay out there long so we hit a few yard sales and Kevin actually found some nice Titleist irons for a fantastic find. I didn't have much luck for myself. Came home and was patiently waiting for the mailman hoping for some happy mail ( I know my mom sent me a little something and my brother sends me a mothers day card knowing how my sons are) but none of it sad. I am happy to say that I did get a card from son #3 Todd who is the only one that is speaking to me. He is a God send and the funny part was that when he was in those 15 to 19 year old years he was such a "wild child" that I never thought he would turn into the caring son who calls at least 2x a week now. I am truly thankful he is in my life!

Well I hope you all have a great Mothers Day! I made my mom a beautiful mini book but actually was in such a hurry to send it that I forgot to take pictures of it or the card I made her. But I did take a picture of the card I made my mother in law. Enjoy!


Melanie Stanczyk said...

Happy Mother's day Louise!

So a consignment shop...when's it opening?????

Lorraine said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

marla said...

Happy MOthers Day Louise!! Be happy and I am sure your friend is so grateful for your help. Glad you can keep busy to take your mind away from your worries. Great cards you made. Have a super day today!!