Monday, June 1, 2009

Guess what Wii been doing

Saturday night we went to visit some friends and that was the 1st time that I've seen anyone play the Wii game and it was so much fun.It was impressive that not only kids can play it but adults plus it gets you off the couch. So come Sunday morning (yesterday) we went to Best Buy and got ourself our very own Wii! We also got the Wii Fit game............did I say game? It's actually a fitness workout but fun and challenging too.
The same friends came over on Sunday and helped us hook it all up and we had to move our coffee table but after that it was just pure fun. We have played endless games of tennis which I get beat at all the time but we also have done allot of bowling and YES I can beat my darling husband who is the pro bowler around our house. We have played baseball and soccer but have not yet tried the golf. It is hard to believe all the different games and skill levels that come with it but also harder to believe that you actually get a workout standing there pretending to play the game. The sounds and the graphics are just too kewl!
The Wii fit game comes with a pad that you either stand on or step on and off it. The Wii actually keeps track of your weight and skill levels............believe me I've already had it tell me that I was unbalanced or a couch potato! We haven't had it long enuf to see what it all can do but I've had it unlock extra Yoga stuff already and it seems really funny to say that I've just finished skiing in the middle of summer. Good thing it's all re runs on the tv right now.
I don't want anyone to think that's all I have been doing as I planted a bunch more flowers and I did some weeding out there today. Still working on getting the pool back in shape and NO the paint did not dry in quite a few places.............that's sad but I'm getting it cleaned up and ready to swim whether the floor is done or not. I'll try to remember and get some pictures as I do really like the new color.
Tomorrow is also the day they supposedly are starting the ditch on our road and I've already taken before pictures and not looking forward to seeing the after pictures.
So does anyone else have a Wii? and what are your favorite games to play? Any hints for a novice like me?


Tona said...

We have a Wii. Our favorites are bowling and golf.I am a pro bowler & pro golfer. You get a fancy bowling ball when you become a pro.I did the boxing with my husband once & flipped his Wii person in the air & knocked him out. He won't box with me anymore lol. In his defence he does have a torn rotater cuff so it hurts his shoulder to was still fun knocking him out though ;) We have the Wii Fit but haven't taken it out of the box yet. Yeah, I know, it's a little hard to get fit that way lol. Enjoy your Wii!

Redfern/Andrews said...

If you're looking for a simple fun game for those nights when you're sore from all the yoga, try Carnival Games. It has all the games you'd expect to see at a carnival..balloon darts, skee ball, ring toss, etc.

Jessica said...

I have a friend that has a wii, all they ever play is guitar hero! lol I've never even seen it as I am stuck here at home most of the time. It sounds like something you could actully use to get yourself in shape! The guys that came up with this idea are raking in the dough!

.................... said...

Sounds fun...I love the Wii...we don't have one, but we have played at other people's houses...enjoy it!

patty w said...

We bought the kids a Wii this past Christmas and yes, Wii have had loads of fun with it! Bowling, is just too much fun!

I bought the kids a Guitar Hero for it too, only silly me, got the guitar and no game! GRRR...still trying to find just the game cheap enough so they can play it.

I would love to have the Wii Fit..but it's not going to happen any time soon.

Enjoy it but don't hurt yourself!

rosegarden said...

Louise - I hope you're calming down about the ditch. Big hugs and that is such garbage, I'd be ticked too.