Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ready Set Go

That's the name of the race car line that I picked up at the Fiskar's sale last month. I don't have much paper but the embellishments are really neat. I decided to do a layout about my son's passion for truck pulling. Todd drives semi all week but during the summer he loves traveling to different truck pulls in the area plus he is talented enough to work on his vehicles himself. This first layout has a picture of him and then a few pics of him pulling last summer with his newest truck. Look at all that smoke pouring out! If I am not mistaken he even won that pull! Aren't the letters cute with the flames on them? I also like the metallic sticker on the bottom of his picture that says "built tough".

The 2nd part of this layout I found a picture of Todd when he was just a child at Great America pretending to drive this antique Ford. The big yellow truck was his first vehicle he pulled with and then along came the red & black one that my grandson Alex is standing next to. He keeps moving up to bigger & better trucks but that is what the game is all about. I cut the letters out of some silver metallic paper with my Cricut and the brads I used to dot the i's were from this line.

Enuf playing around........yesterday I got a past kit from Scrap Attak featuring Little Yellow Bicycle. Everything was just beautiful from velvet flowers to handcrocheted ones, both which I used in this layout that I did of Kevin & I in Las Vegas.It also contained transparencies and you can see I used 2 of them and then black crystal hearts. OK enough talking about.............let me show you what I created and then I will do a closeup of the flowers!

I know the photo does not do the flowers justice but the big black flower was velvet and the crocheted heart was red and white and then I popped a black heart on top of that. The black I love You were actually raindots from a wedding line. This was another situation where the paper was so pretty that you could end up distracting from it if you added too much so I kept it simple but I think it works don't you?


rosegarden said...

It really does work Louise - Nice Layouts!

Tona said...

Love all your layouts! You've been busy.

marla said...

Beautiful LO Louise. I love the racing line of papers!!!

Jessica said...

I was trying to hide the racing line from my son, but he was walking past my table and saw the alphabet and flipped! Oh wow mom, I lik these, did you get any other stuff like this........so I had to show him the paper. But that was all. The interesting thing about your layout is your son's name is Todd. My Matthew's middle name is Todd. He was called Todd all his life until he hit about 30, when he decided he preferred Matthew! Funny huh!