Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Selling Our Home

It sure looks like I have been too busy for my blog and it sure is true. We put our house on the market a few weeks ago and if anyone has sold a home.....then you know how much work goes into getting it ready. I donated car loads to Goodwill while cleaning closets, drawers and just de-cluttering! Trying to keep my craft room clean and organized has been another challenge but I have been working on some projects which I hope to show you later this week.

We were lucky that the middle of March when Kevin had vacation, we had wonderful weather in the 60's. So we got all the yard raked and cleaned up from the dreary winter. Last week we actually had a few days near 80 so I have yellow daffodils blooming and purple crocus too! Hopefully after yesterday and todays rain, everything will be green as so much is already up in the flower beds. Pretty early for Wisconsin as we have had snow storms in April many times but what the heck I will take it! We even woke up one morning last week to find 2 ducks swimming(not the greatest picture as we haven't started up the pond yet) in our pond!

We get asked every day why we are selling our beautiful home. We moved here to Stevens Point about 8 years ago and have done so much inside and out. We have hand painted murals in the kitchen, bathroom and of course out by the indoor swimming pool. We were so lucky to find a budding artist at the University to do that all. Anyone following my blog have seen all the gorgeous pictures of my gardens with the small pond and waterfall............that I will really miss!We have put on a new roof, new garage doors and did just about everything I can think of too.....we are hoping our next home will have all that stuff done so all we will have to do is put our personal touch on it and start some new gardens.

The downsize of this house is that it is 3400 feet which is way too big for just 2 people (and allot to clean). We had hoped when moving up here that the kids would come up with their little ones to visit and take advantage of the pool but they have such busy lives and they are over 2 hours away so it is pretty rare that they get up here. It also is a quad level home which means there are always steps (8 to most levels) to go up and down. At first we thought this is a breeze after living in a loft above my business in downtown Watertown as that place must have had at least 25 steps going up from street level but as the years have gone by both Kevin & I are feeling it in our knees. That is the real reason why we are selling now. We are hoping someone will want to take advantage of the first time home buyers credit etc which does end at the end of this month. In this economy and our part of Wisconsin, this home is a "steal" going only for $179,000 and that includes a double lot with a sprinkler system too. If we were near Madison or Milwaukee...........a house this size with the pool and sauna would go for at least $250,000 but we are hoping to find another house that we can put our love into and also enjoy as much as we have this one. You can find the listing on and the i.d. # is SP26Z.

We will miss our neighborhood, it is awesome, and all our nice neighbors. We are hoping to find a nice ranch home out in the country with a little land and maybe if we are really lucky on some water so we can fish too! Not going to look too hard until we have some serious nibbles on this place. Never been good at the waiting game but some things just are out of my control.