Sunday, May 24, 2009

How can I say NO to FREE flowers?

It was a nice day to work out in the yard today and after working out there all morning we decided to take a ride to Shopko & look at some more plants. Right now we are tearing up all the grass near and around the pond to make more gardens and walkpaths. Most of the garden above with the little golf cart in the middle of it is all new garden that used the be lawn and as you can see I filled it nicely with all the plants I got today! I even put a container on the seat and planted morning glories in it that I hope will go up and over the cart.
In the end we hope not to have to mow back there at all and put up some arbors and gates to fence in our "secret garden". So that is why we went shopping as I have more empty garden spots to plant. We both picked out a perennial that we liked and then I got two 6 paks of annuals. The arizona sun was Kevin's choice of plants and my choice was the Pina Colada. Neat names huh?

On the way home we stopped at a friends house and he has his own little nursery and huge gardens and by the time we left I had 2 pepper & 2 tomato plants and about 90 annual plants! Some were marigolds & allysum ...... actually I hate to say those are the only plants I knew for sure. I think Kevin heard the names but forgot them by the time we got home...........but what the heck I like surprises and they filled in lots of spaces. It may not look like much now but give us a few weeks of sunshine and hopefully some rain and I will show you what it looks like then.
Off for a nice walk with my sweetheart so have yourself a nice evening!


Tona said...

Wow! You have been busy.
Like you, I never say no to free palnts Lol.

Paul said... have a huge garden....I'll be working on mine next week too as we finally have some warm weather...

Lorraine #3700

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Can't wait to see that when you are finished!

We are going to start working out our patio tomorrow.

Jessica said...

Holy cow girl!!! You've got quite a green thumb going for ya! I've always wanted a garden, but probly won't be able to do it once we get a place of your own. But I sure will try anyway! lol Enjoy

Sharon said...

I love your beautiful flowers gardenMaryNSC sent me here. Keep those green fingers going

Sharon said...

Let the green fingers keep things beautiful. MaryNSc sent me here to take another look at those beautiful things.

.................... said...

Cute. Our kids just planted some veggies and flowers. Hopefully they will turn out good. I can't grow anything!

patty w said...

oops...meant to say FREE flowers..whoo whee, I wouldn't pass those up either! No way, no how! Love it!