Thursday, May 28, 2009

Got some scrapping done

Since it did rain ALL day yesterday and I did get quite a few things done on my To Do List.....I decided to do a few layouts. Still working on some of the pictures from our last trip to Vegas and here is another layout of the Bellagio and the gorgeous glass flowers. The butterfly cutout is actually the picture that Kevin took of one on the glass wall of the butterfly house........huge isn't it?

This next layout is pictures of springtime in Arizona & Nevada (my mom lives right on the border so we hop between the 2 states when travelling anywhere). Notice the time and temperature that I took a picture of.......95 degrees at 3 in the afternoon. When my mother called a few days ago it was 112 but of course it is a dry heat so nuthing like the hot humid days we have here in Wisconsin. I am always amazed at the cactus and the beautiful blooming bushes. Rocks and mountains also interest me and I can never take enuf pictures! When my brother was taking us to Vegas for the bowling tournament we took a "shortcut" called Christmas Tree Pass and it was like something that would have been travelled by covered wagons LOL! Can't tell you how many times we bottomed out but the view was worth it............finally towards the end we found out why it was named that as there were some trees just covered with tinsel which is how it got it's name.
Well it has almost been 24 hours so I'm off to check the progress of the newly finished floors by the pool...........I will come back with some pictures too!


Tona said...

Great layout. You have some beautiful photos on both!

marla said...

Some great Layouts to showcase your beautiful photos!!

Lorraine said...

Love that glad your getting some scrapping in.

patty w said...

wonderful layouts!

Christmas Tree much fun is that name!