Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A new pond addition

I bet you thought I meant fish didn't you? I got these 2 Jade turtles and a 3 legged Jade frog from my friend Patty yesterday. While we were unpacking boxes for her consignment store I came across all these Jade frogs and turtles not knowing she used to teach Feng Shui and these were items that she sold. I was ecstatic thinking how kewl will they look around my pond. So she let me pick 3 of them out and I brought them back to their new home. I am hoping that the frog which stands for wealth will jump start some money trees to grow in the gardens back there .

So the 2 smaller ones I got yesterday from Patty and the big concrete one behind it was bought about 3 years ago when we took a nice road trip to Tennessee. They look so darn natural in the stream don't they?

These cute little camouflage boots were found at a garage sale and might soon get a little plant in them.......not sure yet but they look darn cute in one of my flower beds! Plus the weather still needs to warm up before I take out the 20 morning glory plants that were started from seed. The weather still has been in the 50's & 60's with even chillier temps at night. Just a few days ago it got down to 32. Next Monday we will see 70 again but right now it is rainy & chilly! Sounds like a good day to get some cleaning done in my scraproom since I just got 2 new kits in the mail the past few days and I can't start them until I get everything back in place. Have a great day everyone!


rosegarden said...

It's been chilly here in Michigan too Louise - my plants are just going to have to wait until closer to Memorial Day this year

Tona said...

LOVE your frog & turtles. You come across the greatest stuff.

marla said...

Love your new frogs and turtles. Hope you get to have fun playing with your kits soon!!