Thursday, February 26, 2009

I made it back home to a SNOWSTORM!

Well I left early yesterday morning for Watertown and had to drive the 1st hour through some ice & sleet and heavy know the kind were you don't realize how tight you are gripping the steering wheel until you finally take a break. I stopped for a coffee break and then the next half of the trip was much better. Actually when I got to Watertown it was 41 and sunny.....they hardly had any snow left.

I actually thought I might be hanging some pictures with my daughter in law Justin since we would have the day together but since my son Todd was home also in between semi loads we started a new remodeling project. Demolition of a bathroom.............It actually felt good swinging a hammer and knocking out plaster walls especially after 3 close calls on my road trip in. Here's a picture (the big hole in the floor is where the sunken GREEN tub was that matched the green toilet). Yes it got a little dusty (did I say a little?) and it was harder then I thought trying to knock out the ceilings with plaster flying everywhere. But believe it or not by the time I left today everything was out of there and all that was left was some ceiling to demolish. Can't wait to see the finished project as my dil has some kewl ideals for a black & white room.

Today the weather man was calling for a winter storm up here where I live but down there all they were expecting was rain. I was lucky enough to get Allayah out of school early this afternoon becuz I knew we would be driving in a mess. We left Watertown with rain pouring all over us and by the time we reached Columbus it was raining so hard that it took everything just to see where the road was. After that we hit sleet which slowed us down again. By the time we were 20 mins from Stevens Point the snow was coming down BIG, fast and heavy. This was one time that I was glad to be falling a semi even if I was only doing 40MPH. I was never so happy to pull into my garage and the safety of my own home. Here's a few pictures of Allayah in the snowstorm minus the umbrella she was carrying when we left Watertown. She's already had her evening swim (those are her 1st words when she gets here......can we go swimming NOW?) and now is busy playing with her Barbie dolls before bed. I'm sure we will all sleep well tonite.
I've had some emails that people are having problems leaving comments so I changed a few things and I'm hoping it will all work again as I miss hearing from you all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

cards, cards and more cards!

Now that I am caught up on laundry and cleaning I felt the need to make some cards. The first thing I did was cut out some neat shapes with my new Storybook cricut cartridge & then I pulled out a bunch of stamps including some new ones that I hadn't even used yet. While I was watching tv last nite I tried different methods of coloring them either with pencils or Marvy Le Plume markers. This is something that I need to play with and learn how to shade them and make them come alive. I took a couple of pictures of ones that I finished but if you have any hints or tricks I would love for you to share them with me. I actually went out and bought a water paintbrush but didn't try that yet.
Maybe there are some videos out there that could teach me too? Any hints send them my way. Also don't forget this is the last week to get cards in for my RAK of all those goodies. I have gotten some fabulous ones in the mail including one of those neat spinner cards made with pennies.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More pictures from Texas

In case anyone is a big sports fan we did get pictures of the new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys that is almost done. I do believe it will be used for the next football looks huge and amazing! Almost kinda futuristic with all that glass & it landed here from out of space. Also right near it was the Ballpark of that is one gorgeous building.
I'm one of those people that tend to look up especially when I'm in a downtown area to see all the great aspects to a building, the structure, the painting and even something as simple as the shape of the roof or windows. People tend to hurry so much that simple things are lost in the shuffle and I like to believe we should all stop and smell the roses! Guess that's what I really enjoyed about our time in Texas..........we did simple things like taking walks, grilling out, going to estate sales, bowling and some sightseeing. Most often when we go on vacation we try to do too much in too short of time and we go home even more tired then before we left. This time we came home relaxed and ready to take on the new challenges that face us in every day life.
Time to go watch the Oscars and yes we did see The Wrestler last week and it was worth it!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm back!

Well we got back to Wisconsin last nite and what a rude awakening to come home to all this snow! I even broke my ice scraper trying to get all the snow & ice off the car in the airport lot! Took awhile too before the fireplace actually heated the house back up.....thank goodness for flannel sheets & electric blankets. To think just a few days ago it was 77 and we were wearing shorts. Grass was green in Texas and flowers were blooming......we even played croquet!

If that wasn't bad enough we woke up to more snow and it has been snowing all day but I'm not going out there and shoveling NO WAY! So here is a couple of pictures from Texas.......Me reading a good book(actually I read 4) out in the sun on the deck and Kevin taking a break after golfing 18 holes. Wouldn't be complete without a picture of their beautiful deck and of course one with my brother Tony and the bowling ball yard art.
We had a wonderful time, ate well and did some major relaxing! But you know what they say....all good things must come to an end so here we are back in Wisconsin where the temperature is 21 and it is snowing!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Texas is great!

Well I thought I would pop in and tell you Texas is pretty nice! Our plane ride was not one of my best and the first plane was very small & there was some turbulence which didn't help my stomach at all. But all in all we actually arrived 10 minutes early so can't complain.

It's been a little windy but almost 60 and tomorrow it is supposed to be 72 and sunny. We've hit a flea market and an estate sale and yesterday we went bowling and had a blast. Best part is when we left we asked the manager what they did with old bowling balls and she said throw them out so we walked away with 4 of them for some yard art. And they were the kewlest colors. Will show some pics when I get back as I did forget the cord to download here.

It's so nice to see green grass and flowers blooming everywhere. I sure could get used to this but alas Friday we will be back in Wisconsin. I will try and bring back some warm weather with me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane............

Yes we are leaving on a jet plane for Texas to spend some time with my brother. Weather there is in the 60's & 70's so it will be nice to sit out on the deck and just chill out. They live on a golf course so we can sit on the back deck and watch the golfers go by. Don't really have any big plans and sometimes I like taking things one day at a time and just doing things at the spur of the moment.

I did learn yesterday that the reason we get such deals on plane tickets is that they charge you $15 per bag if you check it and that's each way too! So this is the 1st time that we are traveling with carry on bags and boy did I learn to pack this morning. Not sure what I will have forgotten but I also carry a backpack and my husband is bringing the laptop.

So if you don't see me blogging much in the next week you will know that I am too busy enjoying our little vacation and some much warmer weather. Hope everyone has a great valentine's day! My husband bought me a gorgeous necklace with a heart that has an opal for the center and he loved that card I made him. Take care all!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Are you superstitious? Is 13th one of your unfavorite numbers? Did you ever notice that most elevators don't have a 13th floor?
I had my unlucky day yesterday when I sliced my finger pretty good with a new bread knife from Fiskars but I learned my lesson and not picking up any sharp knives today. Also pretty much babying that left hand since I am afraid that the wound will re-open and not so sure this time I could get the bleeding to stop. You should have seen me sleeping last nite with my hand elevated on a pillow so I wouldn't bump it in my sleep and re-injure myself. But hey it did work.
It didn't help tho to wake up this morning and see all the news about the plane that went down and killed everyone in it (New York I think?) We will be getting on a plane tomorrow to go to Texas and visit my no not enough to stop me from going but enough to make me nervous. But I am looking forward to some R & R and some nicer weather next week so I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My girl!

Well we woke up to snow on the ground after a few nice days but I'm still feeling in the mood for flowers and bright colors so thought I would post this little mini canvas book that I made for Allayah. After having 4 sons it is so much fun making stuff for little girls with pink and flowers etc. We are keeing our fingers crossed that we might get her for 4 days at the end of the month when they have a few days off of school. Then we can do our own scrapbooking and of course making cupcakes for Grandpa. She swims like a fish so we also spend allot of time in the pool......enjoy the pictures and think SPRING!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cards starting to arrive for the BIG Giveaway!

Thought I would share a few of the cards that are starting to arrive for the big RAK that I am holding this month. Also wanted to remind everyone to keep sending them in as I know the prize is amazing and think of all the cards and layouts you will be able to create with it!

Thought it might help to post another picture of the winning prize package that could be on it's way to you! Have a great evening!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Unconditional Love!

With valentine's day fast approaching we all have love on our mind as we make cards and gifts. Not that long ago I made the trip down to Watertown to see 2 of my sons and I was fortunate to spend an hour with my granddaughter Allayah. As I watched her opening her Christmas gifts and seen the pure joy on her face, it was a moment etched into my heart 4-ever. She loved all the scrapbooking gifts and her new Hannah Montana nitie. I altered & personalized a tin to hold all her "craft supplies" as you can see in the picture. When it was time for her to leave she hugged me tight and said thank you for the gifts Gramma and I love you! Today in the mail came a nice thank you card that she had made herself telling us how much she loved us. It is now hanging on the fridg and I doubt if she will ever know how much it meant to us.

When kids are small they say "I love you" and give hugs all the time but when they turn into adults that changes. I have 4 sons in their 20's and I can't remember the last time one of them said "I Love you, mom" even though I end every phone call with I Love you.....Bye! Not sure if this is a guy thing but I know it doesn't cost anything to say those little words and as a mother I can tell you that I miss those hugs and words. That's why it's nice when you have little grandchildren that freely give hugs and love us unconditionally!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

You're the Cat's Meow!

I finished this mini book I was making for a gift and I am actually pleased with the outcome. I love red & black together! Can't say I am as pleased with the outcome of the pictures I took but sometimes they look allot better on the camera then they do when I transfer them to the computer. Guess I will have to talk to my father-in-law to understand the secret of taking good pictures inside. He surely has a way with the camera tho sometimes the family objects to TOO many pictures. Enjoy and have a great evening......I'm off to watch the Grammy awards!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My great find today at a local thrift store

Well here in Wisconsin it got up to 40 today so Kevin & I decided to take a walk. Gotta get out after being cooped up with temperatures below 0. Up the block is a resale shop and as we were walking thru it my dh looks up and says isn't that the kind of thing you were looking for ? And there high up on the top shelf was a retail spinner that would work perfect to use as a clip up part it was 75% off so I walked out of the store with it for only $2.25.

You can imagine all the fun I had loading it up course I did run out of clips but I have more ordered so not a problem. I'm one of those crafters that have to see what I know what they say......out of sight...out of mind plus I do love my organization.
3 sections have room for long items and the other 3 sections have 2 spaces to hang shorter items. I have 75 clips on here and it's not even half way full. Best part is when I start scrapping all I have to do is spin it to what I am looking, bday embellishments, bling etc. I am so happy with my latest find and I owe it all to my husband!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I got my 1st card for my RAK!

I have been under the weather (and the blankets) for the past few days which is why you haven't seen me online. But I think I am turning the corner and feeling a little better today. A nice surprise I had yesterday was my 1st card arrived in the mail for the big RAK I am doing this month. It is always so nice to get happy mail especially when one isn't feeling well. So keep those cards coming as you still have all month to win. Gonna keep this short and sweet and get back to the couch for now. Have a great week-end!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February....the month of love!

Hard to believe that it is February and that Valentine's day is just around the corner so I've been busy making some cards, projects and layouts. I already took a couple of the cards down to Watertown last week-end for the grandkids but of course still have those couple of neat ones meant for that special someone in my life ( dh who I don't think reads my blog anymore). So here's a cute 2 page layout of lovely Allayah. And here are a few of the vday cards I made.

I also did a cute little mini album in black and white instead of the typical pink or red. Then I altered this little tin to hold treats for my husband who is forever snacking now that he quit smoking. I've got a couple more projects that hopefully will be done this week to show to you!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

RAK Winner!!

drum roll please............and the random winner of the Fiskar goodies is.................. Jenny B.

Congrats girl & email me your snail address!

My next RAK is going to be totally awesome but this one will take more then just a comment. With Valentines day coming up I want to get some cards in the mail..............yes you read right....I like happy mail..........actually I like anything in the mail besides bills but I don't get cards unless it's my birthday or Christmas. So I'm going to put together a generous package of goodies ( see pictures) and this will go on all month and I will choose a random card on Feb 28th and that person will get all the goodies. It can be any kind of card you've made and you can enter as often as you wish! Good Luck and I can't wait to see what comes in my mail box. The 1st picture is the
total prize package but then I did individual pics of the gorgeous flocked paper, glittered paper, glazed & shaped paper, cardstock & then the embellishments........nice stuff huh?

Guess it would help if I gave you my snail address too!

Louise Johnson

1008 Sunset Blvd

Stevens Point, WI 54481

My First Crop

Well I was so excited to be going to my 1st crop that I couldn't sleep at all that nite. I was spending the night at my son's house and I set the alarm on my cell phone but I was afraid it wasn't going to go off so all night long I got up EVERY hour. Finally at 5am I got dressed, packed up and left. I was meeting Jennie in Edgerton but I was driving on some small back highways so was worried whether I would really find this truck stop we were meeting at. I actually arrived 30 minutes early LOL! You know I wasn't even nervous about driving almost 2 1/2 hours with a complete stranger cuz Jennie was a Fiskateer and believe me that time went so fast and we had so much in common that the radio never even came on. That is Jennie in the middle of this picture (in yellow) sitting at our table. You would think we could have gotten a good pic of the 2 of us but..... And look how cute Betsy decorated the registration table & she even had name tags that had mini little scissors on them.

We had some challenges like decorating a pair of scissors and of course you could win prizes. Here's a picture of the pair I did in buttons and it did win 2nd place YES! It was so much fun walking around from table to table to see what everyone was doing and all their kewl tools & accessories. Some people actually came to this crop and got allot of scrapping done. Being my 1st one I was pretty busy visiting and checking out everybody. It was fun putting a face to a name after talking to people on the Fiskateer board week after week.

We took a short break for an awesome lunch of moscatolli, salad, garlic bread & brownies. Then we watched the move "scrapped" while doing some more scrapping ourselves. Yes I did get a few pages done & I made some valentine day cards that were being donated to an old age home.

Did I mention the word prizes yet? Just look at this table full......there were so many generous donations and everyone went home with goodies!

We also played a white elephant game trading gifts that everyone brought in. This turned out to be so much fun especially when there ended up being 2 albums that were in big demand and were constantly being stolen.

The time went way too fast and before you know it was 4pm and we had to head back to Wisconsin. The drive back to Edgerton went fast and as we neared our meeting place where my car was.............we saw a very bright shooting star fall out of the sky! That was pretty kewl but it was amazing that other people that were at the crop back in Illinois also saw the same star. I'm hoping that means February is gonna be a great month for us all!

It was a long, dark drive in the night back to Stevens Point but I did get home around 9:30pm and was very happy to sleep in my own bed!

Don't forget this is the day I will be drawing a random name for the RAK of Fiskar goodies I posted earlier this week so stop on back either later tonite or tomorrow morning and see if your name was drawn. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!!