Wednesday, May 27, 2009

it's raining

Yes it is gonna rain ALL day and be chilly. I plan on trying to clean my scrap room since I need to be home. A few months ago (notice the word months) we decided to do a big home improvement project. We have an inground/indoor swimming pool and it was surrounded with green indoor/outdoor carpet that had seen it's better days.(see picture above) My 1st thought was to just replace it with some newer prettier carpet but then some friends said hey you should just tear up the carpet and have the concrete stained and that would look so kewl. So I tore up all the carpet (not an easy task) and then hired a concrete guy to do the rest. Well it was one of those projects that what can go wrong will go wrong.

First all the strippers that you were supposed to just put on, wait a few hours and then wash off.....didn't work just like that. The concrete was broom swept which meant it had grooves in it which is where the glue for the carpet went & boy did that make it hard to get off. The guy tried 2 different products plus manually scraping it.............couldn't use a power washer or anything since the pool was still full of water. This took weeks just trying to clean it down to bare concrete as nuthing would stick to it if you didn't get it all the glue off. So after weeks of just trying to strip and clean it he put down some brown stain but guess what..... it wouldn't dry! We tried fans and opening the door but it remained "tacky". So now the experts started coming in to see if it was the humidity, the stain, the concrete etc and what could be done to correct the situation. Just a few days ago they finally came up with a sealer that would work so right now I have 3 guys applying the sealer in a new color and we are keeping our fingers crossed this will work. I am really liking the color compared to the brown it was.The teal blue should match the waves that are in the mural that we had painted on the wall. It will now have to dry for a few days and then we will have to shock the pool, backwash it, add some fresh water and then heat it back up to a swimming temperature since this is the 1st time it hasn't been used in months!

It was hard to try and capture some pictures while they are in there painting but here's one. Keep your fingers crossed for us that this will finally work. I will take a picture of the final project once they are done.


Redfern/Andrews said...

So I've seen a beautiful backyard and now an indoor swimming pool...You need to take pictures of the front of your house!

Tona said...

Fingers are crossed! It does look like a pretty shade of teal.

marla said...

Wow awesome - an indoor pool. My children would LOVE that and what good exercise!!

patty w said...

You have an indoor cool is that ?! You have a lovely garden too!

April said...

This must be our dream home. My family plans to build our next home and add an indoor pool. I'll have to ask you a few questions sometime. If that's okay.

Thanks for sharing.