Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vacation Album

Good Morning on this special Inauguration Day and I am proud to be part of history even if it is only through the tv today!

Last summer my mom & Bob drove up in a mobile home from Arizona and spent 3 weeks golfing around this area. We had a nice little family reunion with my brother Tony flying in from Texas my brother Norm stopped by on his way back to Nevada and my brother Andy & his fiancee Genne from Madison were here for a few days. I wanted to remember the fun time so I made my mom an album before she left and then this is the one I made for myself. It did come in a kit so it has been next to impossible to find except online........It is a 8 1/2 x 11 portfolio that not only has a flap to the cover (I put 2 brads on and ribbon for closure) but it also has 2 flaps on the inside. Check it out..........it turned out so neat! I loved making the little mini albums inside which actually holds almost 20 pictures. You know that feeling sometimes when you make something from a kit and say "how pretty" but never would make it again well this is NOT one of those! I went store to store the following week thinking I could find these folders in an office supply store but no luck. You can see on the left side I made a pocket to store special items I collect. I hope you all like it as much as I do! Have a nice day!


Maxine Hodges said...

Love this little album that hold so many photos and memories. I wish I knew where to get you another. Great job!!!!!!!!

Mardi said...

Love it, the colors are wonderful!