Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's think Sunny & Warm!

BRRR! -18 right now here in Wisconsin with a wind chill of -38 and as I sit here with a cup of coffee and the fireplace roaring is how I wish I was someplace warm! My mom lives in sunny Arizona and she will call and say how it is 80 and she is heading out golfing.........hmmm....not quite what you want to hear when the weather is this frigid!

Anyhow I did this layout of my youngest son Travis at one of our yearly visits to Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. He was always such a ham and loved to be in photos but now that he is 22 those days of liking his picture taken are long gone. The boys always took part in a reading contest during grade school where they would win a FREE ticket to Great America which we all loved going to especially loved riding the water rides. They worked so hard on the farm during the summers that a day at Great America was like a week's vacation. Only bad part was the very long ride with 4 anxious little boys (it was close to 3 hours) and of course on the way home they were sound asleep before we even got 20 minutes away. Do you ever wonder if your children have all the same wonderful memories we do?


Tona said...

OMG! I can't believe how cold it is by you. It's 37 degrees here & I feel like it's freezing. That would probably feel hot to you about now. Loved your layout. It reminded me of the times I took my son to Great America. I even have a picture of my husband & our friend from WI riding an elephant on one of our trips there. I should probably scrap that, just to embarrass them both.

Betsy said...

The kids memories are actually a kid I don't remember the long lines and the heat or the cost of food!!! I just remembered having FUN!!!!

marla said...

Very fun layout - love the cartoon characters!!