Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mini Canvas Books

So while doing all that cleaning I found 2 of these kewl mini canvas kits from Quick Quotes and since I had a nice clean desk.......well I started working on them both. Nice part is that they turned out so nice that I personalized them as gifts for 2 family members. Not going to say who as I'm not sure if either read my newly created blog. They came as blank canvas & I used some brown chalk to give it more of a distressed or aged look. The tags and ribbons were all fun to work with..........the only thing that is still a challenge is fastening vellum without the glue showing through (too small for tape) so if you have a hint for me please leave it as I have tried all kinds of stuff.


Paul said...

Louise, that is so cool. I love it.

lfalduto said...

I love all those cute little pockets and cute tags. Very nice!

paper bag create said...

Love this project! Turned out FABULOUS! I would try Vellum Spray adhesive..apparently that stuff works great!