Monday, January 12, 2009

My 4 sons

Good Morning from the frozen tundra of I crawled out of bed this morning it was -6 and that is only a preview of what is to come this week. Temperatures are supposed to get to -20 by Thursday and who knows what the wind chills will be BRRR! Obviously I won't go out unless I absolutely have to. At times like this I really feel bad for my husband who is a UPS driver and spends all day out in that weather. My job will be to keep the fireplace stoked and of course I have a nice sunny scrap room that feels good no matter what the temp is. Yesterday I was in there and made this layout of my 4 sons using Boho Chic. I really enjoy finding pictures like this when the boys were still fun and smiling. Right now they are in their 20's and it's rare to see them in 1 place at the same time tho they all live within 10 miles of each other. And it has been years since I have seen a picture of them all together. Well I hope everyone keeps warm today wherever you are!

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Paul said...

Wow I like the lo, Louise. Looks good. I have never heard of Boho Chic......silly me.