Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Love of my Life

I have spoken about my sons & grandchildren but don't think I have said much about my wonderful husband who is the love of my life. I was working on a calendar for us yesterday and when I got to the month of September I was thinking what kind of pictures should I use and then it hit me that it would be our 10th wedding anniversary! So out came the wedding pictures and I started thinking about the trip we would be planning to go to Niagara Falls to celebrate. I love waterfalls and it just don't get any better then this or so I hear as we have never been there. I found these 2 layouts that I was about our wedding and the other was my husband all dressed up in a tux for my son's wedding. It is so rare for that to happen and a guy always looks so awesome in a tux and my husband was no exception! I kept both of these layouts simple because the paper was just so beautiful. Enjoy and thanks for looking!

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Tona said...

How wonderful that you have found the love of your life. I was lucky enough to do that too. It will be 35 years for us next month.