Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January Memories

For me January is a month with no birthdays and not much going on but as I was scrapping the other day I ran into this picture of my 3 sons roofing my 2nd youngest roof and it brought back memories of that tragic day 5 years ago this month when Todd's house burnt down. My son had just bought & moved into a house the month before with his fiancee'. We had went there and helped paint, refinished wood floors etc and they were so happy to be in their first home. That tragic day the hot tub, which was out on the deck attached to the back of the garage, started on fire and of course up went the garage in flames and then the attached house. The scary part was that his fiancee' was asleep on the other end of the house & was wakened by a passerby pounding on the door. She was ok (Thank you Lord!)but they lost everything & we won't even go into the horror story of the insurance company not covering everything since they were not married yet. That spring they started rebuilding and this picture is special to me.........I love seeing my boys together (which can be rare) and this day we were all there helping roof the house. And as you can see my granddaughter Allayah was there trying to help her grandpa as he was cutting the tiles.

The following summer my folks came to visit from Arizona and we had a family picnic at Todd's finished house which turned out so beautiful. It was nice to be able to take some pictures and here is one with my parents, 3 of my sons, Tory, Todd & Travis and my 2 grandkids Alex & Allayah. This picture in the new house is extra special as 6 months later in January 2006 my dad died of cancer. He was so healthy and active and there were no warnings so I treasure him getting to see his grandsons & great grandkids before he left us. I also am glad that I got to spend time with him and tell him how much he meant to me before he went to Heaven. I miss you dad!


Tona said...

Another great layout & I enjoyed the story behind it all. You never win when you're dealing with insurance companies, do you? Thanks for sharing.

marla said...

Nice layout and what a sad story about the fire.