Saturday, January 17, 2009

My granddaughter Allayah

Well yesterday I was telling you about Allayah who is the first girl in 3 generations and how dear she is to us. She was born 7 years ago to my 2nd oldest son Tory and his girlfriend Sarah and they actually lived with us for that 1st year so that bond is even more special. We lived in a huge loft above my coffee shop Cafe' Louise so she spent time with us down there also & my customers also cherished this little one.

I did this layout of that special day when she was born and the 1st time my son ever got to hold his daughter. I was fortunate to be there during the labor & birth of my first 2 grandchildren and it meant the world to me! And being the proud grandmother I came with camera to record this special event.

Being the first girl you can imagine all the pretty little dresses and stuff I got to buy and all the pictures I took. I loved having a baby in the house....all the baby stuff.......and I never minded "babysitting" especially when I could take her to work with me. I never would have thought that not long after her 1st birthday we would be moving 2 1/2 hours away. But she has been coming up here ever since then and has adapted to the long ride. We try and get her as often as possible even if it is only for a long week-end.

These are pictures of her 1st birthday held at my coffee house. We had lots of room and it was a very special day for us.


marla said...

Gorgeous layouts and how fun to have a coffee house!! I LOVE my coffee!!

Donna said...

Wonderful picture! Grandchildren are a real blessing!

Lillabelle said...

she is adorable..its great that you had that special bonding time with your granddaughter!

Anonymous said...

Great layouts. Grandchildren are so wonderful to have, I have 2 of them to enjoy.
DebbieC (#4668)