Monday, July 13, 2009

Some fun filled days

Well the past few days have been very interesting around our house. My youngest son Travis came up with his friend on Thursday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon. They made allot of trips to Iola for the big car show hoping to find some parts for the 1948 Chevy business coupe that he is restoring. He didn't find anything there but did get one phone call yesterday so hoping that might lead to something!

We went out Friday night for a fish fry to Sentry golfcourse and we just had a very nice visit. I wish I would have taken a picture of his truck which was a 1993 lowrider truck. It had air shocks or something like that ............and when you pushed them it could lift the front end of the truck up and the back end down or all kinds of possibilities. Funny thing is while it was sitting in the driveway some kids walked by and were checking it out and were amazed that there were no door handles on it and wondered how did he get in (that would be using a remote control)!

Not sure why I didn't take any pictures while they were here but allot had to do with him not feeling well. He is only 23 but has had 3 back surgeries after a beam was dropped on his back while at work almost 3 years ago. He just recently had the pain pump inserted into his back and has to wear a fanny pack to hold the equipment but it still isn't working to control the pain but we are hoping in time that it might. After walking a few hours at the car show he would come home and have to rest as he was hurting so bad. It is so hard to see your child in pain no matter what age he is and nobody at his age should hurt that bad and have his life so rudely interrupted.

No sooner did they leave on Saturday when some friends called up and asked to come over and swim so we played volleyball in the pool for hours and then entertained them all by letting them try out our new Wii! I wish I could have video taped the guys trying to do the hula hoop.....just hilarious!

On Sunday instead of just laying around the house and catching our breath we took a drive up to Minocqua to see my in-laws who had rented a cabin on Squirrel Lake. It was too windy to fish when we got there so the 4 of us headed to the casino for a few hours and then came back to fish. I played some neat new games there including one called Jaws and somehow got an instant bonus game that paid $100! That was exciting! Course what I won..........Kevin lost so we came out even but had fun doing it.

Today I spent a few hours in one of my gardens and it looks so much better. I did make something for my garden that I thought I would show you. I had 2 old milk cans that my dad gave me many years ago & I recenty gave one to my daughter in law who was looking for one. She sent me this picture to show what she did with hers.

Not sure where she got that wonderful sticker for hers but it was awesome so I thought well I could make something like that with my Cricut. So I worked hard on some letters and flowers but found that they just had a hard time sticking to the rough metal of the can so instead I used the negative leftovers from the words to create a stencil and then I painted mine. I thought the secret garden can would be nice at the entrance to our back gardens since they catch people by surprise as you can't see them from the front. I will have to get a better picture tomorrow in the garden.


rosegarden said...

Louise - there is a cling home party out there somewhere - I have a friend who sells it - I'll try to get the name of it and post it - I'm pretty sure that's what that sticker is. Sounds like you had a great visit with your son

Jessica said...

Hey Louise, glad to hear you had a good visit with your son. And love the Milk Cans.