Thursday, July 2, 2009

My free hours are in my gardens

Do you remember how I told you that we got a bunch of mystery bulbs at a garage sale from someone who was going to throw them out? Well this beautiful orange one at the base of our waterfall is the first one of them to flower. It is so pretty! I'm glad we took the chance and planted them just have to wait for the rest of them to flower.

I've lost track of how many truck loads of compost I have put on my gardens after weeding them this past week plus on my new gardens but flowers are blooming everywhere so I want to share a few pictures to show you how much they have changed since I posted last month. I love my yellow primroses they add such beauty to the garden and just multiply so fast too!

We finally got past those temps in the 90's and went down to the high being 61.....can you imagine that? Had to pull out the sweatshirts and jeans again! We got a little rain but not enuf so I need to water all my gardens plus that umm "new grass" that the city graciously planted in our ditch with no instructions. Trying to find something to water 20 feet across and on both our lots was near impossible. Today I finally hit the jackpot when I thought about using a long sprinkler head attached to the hose.......well it didn't work as I thought (putting it down and walking away) but by holding it in my hand I could actually cover all that area. YEAH!!! I even took it thru my gardens and found it work nicely covering large areas at one time so saving me some big time out there. Some days it actually took me over 2 hours to get it all watered. These are pictures of the 2 lawn areas with the grass seed sprayed on last week. Cute huh? The city park across the street has not been watered one time in the week since it was sprayed on and when I finally called the landscaper who did it he said we were supposed to keep it moist and water it like 2x a day. So many homes on this street have no clue that they are supposed to be watering it. Our mayor told me personally that the city would help water and we should do our part too well guess they forgot that. Funny thing is they came to water the flowers in the park across the street yesterday but didn't bother with the swails. I've tried calling the mayor (he is on vacation), the city street dept and the engineer dept and they all said "well there is rain in the forecast". Gonna be some high water bills on this street for sure this summer.
Have a happy 4th of July everyone! I love fireworks!!!

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Tona said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that it fills in & looks just as nice as the rest of your lawn.