Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Purse book I made

I do have a passion for purses and shoes so not sure why I have never made a purse album before but I think it turned out pretty cute! I think the title captured me perfectly as I was born to shop (and boy do I know how to find a bargain LOL).

Here's a few of the pages but haven't decided on pictures yet. I did use some pretty bright paper, ribbons, brads & flowers. I was very surprised to see how sturdy the book was too. I wasn't sure with all the opening and closing how it would hold up. I did make a cardboard copy of the shape and used that to cut all my papers.
As long as we are looking at pretty colors I will end this with a picture of my garden. Thanks for looking!


marla said...

AWESOME purse. I agree with you about the bargain shopping. I LOVE it!!

Tona said...

Your purse album is great & your garden is gorgeous as usual.

Carla Rae said...

Cute Layouts, and Love the cards....Absolutely love the GARDEN! can I come and have some sun tea there someday...LOL