Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Rusty Pickle kit

I was lucky enuf to get some kits from various clubs and I've been pulling them out lately. I like that with limited time indoors I can pull out a kit and mostly everything is included except for the pictures! So this kit was for a 2 page Celebration layout. A couple of interesting things were done and one was that I cut a frame into pieces to make the pink corners that framed the pictures. Also liked threading a thin strip thru the tabs on the bottom of the picture frame. Another interesting thing done was making a "belt buckle" out of mini frame and then rounding the paper strip to make it look like the belt winded thru it. None of these were very hard things to do but just made you think out of the box when using ordinary items (like frames) in your layout!

I also made a couple more cards with the new Cuttlebug folders. The green one is using the Harlequin folder and the pink one is using the Moroccan Screen. Just some simple cards that were fast and easy to make but wanted to try them all out. I am accumulating a nice drawer full of cards so now all I need to do is personalize it before I send them out.
Well after 2 very chilly days in Wisconsin........temps at night in the 40's and the high barely being over we are supposed to get back in the 70's. Hard to believe it is the middle of July and that Texas (where my brother Tony is) and Arizona (where my mom is) both are having heat waves with temps near 115!
Have a great day all!


Tona said...

Love your projects.
Our weather is still acting wiggy too. 1 day we had a high of 58 & 2 days later it was 90!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

you sure have been busy! The Rusty Pickle kit looks fun.

I hope the weather gets better too! Friday was nuts!

Lorraine said...

Great lo's and those folders. I check everyday to see you if you blogged even if I don't leave a comment.

marla said...

Awesome cards! You are a great enabler Louise now I want MOST of the new CB folders. It is only to be HOT here in Southern Oregon this week almost 100 every day!!