Sunday, March 22, 2009

Project kits

Sometimes I see a project kit online that looks like it would be so interesting that I just have to buy it and most times I can say that I am very pleased I did. Sometimes they come with great instructions and other times I nearly pull my hair out trying to finish them. This past kit that I just finished was supposed to be a travel journal and it falls under one of those that I wished I would have passed on. It did give me a few problems and there were some issues actually with the directions but the main problem that it turned out to be so fat that you can't even close the book.

This first picture is the cover and it actually is a mini portfolio on top of a 7 gypsies album. The Tim Holtz trailer hitches were difficult since they did not want to screw flush so then covering the back page was a nightmare. Their purpose we being able to hold the elastic from the portfolio when you opened that.

This next picture will show you that it is so fat and full that I can only stand it up. There would be no way to add a closure piece of even try to tie it shut as there is so much done to the inside pages. At this point I only have the picture on the front and doubt that I could even use it to showcase our next special trip becuz putting more items and pictures in it will only expand it even that much more!

There were some interesting techniques learnt and I even sewed 2 pages together to create a pocket. Lots of pockets for tags and things you would like to remember (I think all the pockets are part of the problem tho). It was a learning experience and I really liked the last one I got from Carol that I posted pictures of it last month and it was our trip to New Mexico but this one was a project I should have passed on. I'll leave you by showing you a few more pics of pages inside


Tona said...

I can see your problem. It is cute though.

Mardi said...

You did an awesome job with it. I know the feeling. My sis got me a gorgeous handmade scrapbbook, but I have only done one or two pages and it is too thick already. I know she paid lots of money, but darn it!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

What an awesome project!!! It looks so fun to create, I bet you had a great time.

I can't wait to see it IRL!

doverdi said...

Great project. Although it wasn't something that you were thrilled with, sometimes just the challenge is nice.