Friday, March 6, 2009

New Spring Look

Well I don't have a spring in my step right now but felt the need to change the look of my blog from snowflakes to flowers........something I can actually do while just sitting here. The reason you haven't seen me blog for the past few days is that I threw out my lower back while trying to be "wonder woman". I tend to try and do too much and forget that my back just isn't as strong as it used to be. So we are in the midst of a remodeling project around our swimming pool and my job was to pull off all the indoor/outdoor carpet and of course empty the room of all furniture etc. You never know how much you have in a room until you have to move it! And with my dh still out of commission (he did go to the doctor and found out he tore some cartilage around his ribs) it was all left up to me. So Tuesday night I ended up joining Kevin on the couch with a heating pad on my back. I actually have not done much of anything since then waiting for my back to heal.

The pool project isn't going as planned either. Our intention was to remove the carpet and stain the concrete but trying to get all the mastik (old glue) off is a challenge. If not all removed then the stain or anything else will not we are kinda at a standstill right now.

So let's think spring and I will post some pictures from my lovely gardens. Believe it or not the waterfall was just added last summer to the goldfish pond and all those flowers got that big in just one summer. I do tend to go with perennials but found some awesome annuals that should reseed plus they make a BIG statement. I love sitting and watching the birds and butterflies that come around my flowers......such a relaxing place to be!


Tona said...

Your gardens are beautiful! Things are breaking ground here & unfortunately the deer have discovered that. I had to chase them off 4 times last night. Arggg!
Hope your back feels better real soon.

marla said...

Your gardens are beautiful Louise. I would LOVE to have a waterfall in my backyard. We have an area that we had thought about it but the plan has not materialized as yet. I think the sound of water is so relaxing!!