Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You know how great it feels to get in bed after you put on clean, soft sheets (especially flannel) well that's how I feel after I get my craft space all organized and cleaned up. I tend to find so many things that I forgot I had and it's also so much easier to be crafty when you know right where to look.

I went to Goodwill and picked up 6 more glass jars so I could organize and arrange all my flowers, buttons & ribbons. They sit up on the top shelf above all my stamps and they look so pretty! And look at all the room I have on my table to work now. Speaking of stamps.........I hung this neat shelf to hold some of my favorite ones. Believe it or not this curio shelf also has a music box on the side of it and when you wind it up it plays "a few of my favorite things"!

Now do you remember that spinning rack that I found at a resale shop last month? Well here it is on my desk filled to the brim. But it is so nice to have things organized like by birthday, babies, rub on words & even my new Cuttlebug folders are hanging on there.

Last but not least is my big Oak desk. It might not look like its organized but all my adhesives are in the green bag and the white desktop organizer has some other tools etc in there. There is a red box with most of my squeeze punches in it. There are 2 organizers with all my brads separated. Again lots of room to work now that all my "toys" are put away.

Since I had all this room to work I did participate in a few challenges today on Willow Traders and I just love this layout that I did of Allayah trying to golf in our backyard. I matched the papers & flowers to her outfit. I still need to do the 2nd page to this layout which has a picture of her throwing her golf club after missing the ball. It was so funny.........just like her grandpa would do!


java diva said...

Wow, you are organized! I'm jealous.
That is such a cool curio! Love that.
I love the colors in that LO! Can't wait to see the rest!

Tona said...

Love how you organized your craft space. I need to find a better system to organize my stamps & stickers.
Loved your layout!

Jen said...

way to go Louise! It's great to have such a clean space. I love the LO great colors, you should be proud!

marla said...

WOW Louise I LOVE your organized space. I am a very organized person and can only work in a clean space. The problem for me is I dont have much room in my small area because it consists of half a guest rooom closet and one small table top.