Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My brothers scrapbook is done!

It is always such a good feeling to start a new project but even a better feeling to finish it! It is 24 pages and I will share a few pages with you right now. I'm thinking he will really like it plus he is one of those guys that just can't take a bad picture where I am the opposite I just can't take a good picture!
As you can see he can really cook matter of fact right now he is working for the University of Wisconsin as a cook but it was a talent he picked up in the army and really enjoys doing.

He is godfather to my son Tory and was often over playing with my boys.

His passion is fishing so I had to do a few pages of all the big fish he caught. Isn't this neat paper?

Of course no scrapbook would be complete if you didn't have pictures of family in it so I did one of our mom and another of my dad (he left us 3 years ago to his journey in the sky)! I really liked this paper I used don't you?

I ended the book with pictures of him and his fiancee and I was pleased with this layout. I know guys normally aren't sentimental but I think he will really like this journey of his life so far and will appreciate that it was made with love from his only sister!


Paul said...

Wow Louise you did a wonderful job. TFS!!!!

Barb - Fiskateer #2975 said...

Nice! Good job on getting your project done!

Tona said...

He's going to love it. You did a wonderful job on it!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

What an awesome gift!!!!! You did a wonderful job.

marla said...

What a wonderful gift Louise.