Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another birthday I am missing.......

27 years ago today I gave birth to my second son Tory Joe (10 lbs 5 oz) and here is a picture of him with his 2 children Allayah and Gavin. Isn't he one good looking guy? Ok I might be a little prejudiced cuz I am his mom......MOM....what exactly does that word mean? I haven't seen or heard from him in over a year since his "girlfriend" does not like me.

Somewhere the meaning of family, respect and love got lost in this complicated world we all live in. So I keep myself busy scrapping wonderful pictures of when they were small and still loved their mom with all the passion a young boy has. In this picture of my 4 sons....he is the one on the right.
My thought for the day is Scrap your Memories sometimes that's all you have left! I'm sure Tory doesn't know about my blog but I will still end it with Happy Birthday Tory!

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Tona said...

What a great picture of your boys.