Monday, February 9, 2009

Unconditional Love!

With valentine's day fast approaching we all have love on our mind as we make cards and gifts. Not that long ago I made the trip down to Watertown to see 2 of my sons and I was fortunate to spend an hour with my granddaughter Allayah. As I watched her opening her Christmas gifts and seen the pure joy on her face, it was a moment etched into my heart 4-ever. She loved all the scrapbooking gifts and her new Hannah Montana nitie. I altered & personalized a tin to hold all her "craft supplies" as you can see in the picture. When it was time for her to leave she hugged me tight and said thank you for the gifts Gramma and I love you! Today in the mail came a nice thank you card that she had made herself telling us how much she loved us. It is now hanging on the fridg and I doubt if she will ever know how much it meant to us.

When kids are small they say "I love you" and give hugs all the time but when they turn into adults that changes. I have 4 sons in their 20's and I can't remember the last time one of them said "I Love you, mom" even though I end every phone call with I Love you.....Bye! Not sure if this is a guy thing but I know it doesn't cost anything to say those little words and as a mother I can tell you that I miss those hugs and words. That's why it's nice when you have little grandchildren that freely give hugs and love us unconditionally!


java diva said...

Louise, you're going to make me cry!! Don't say that! Waaah I started telling my 7 year old "I love him" when he goes to bed every night. Dad gets the special privilege of the bedtime routine. The first night I told him that he said,"Why did you say that?" Um, because I don't tell you it enough. "Are you going somewhere?" No..."Oh, just downstairs?" Yes. HOw sad is that?? I can't believe I got out of the habit of telling my son those words. I missed getting to tell him last night because I wasn't home when they went to bed. Wow, I missed out! sniff

Allayah is beautiful!! Love the photos! Can't wait to see those LOs.

Tona said...

How wonderful that you had some special time with your granddaughter. They grow up fast don't they? I end my phone conversations with my son just like you do. I get a real quick "love you too" before he hangs up.

Maxine Hodges said...

If we had known how fun grandchildren were- we would have had them first. The I love You can melt your heart. Have fun with those beautiful girs. Glad you got those great stamps from Cheryl. When you do good things for others- good things come back to you. You are one of the best.