Thursday, February 26, 2009

I made it back home to a SNOWSTORM!

Well I left early yesterday morning for Watertown and had to drive the 1st hour through some ice & sleet and heavy know the kind were you don't realize how tight you are gripping the steering wheel until you finally take a break. I stopped for a coffee break and then the next half of the trip was much better. Actually when I got to Watertown it was 41 and sunny.....they hardly had any snow left.

I actually thought I might be hanging some pictures with my daughter in law Justin since we would have the day together but since my son Todd was home also in between semi loads we started a new remodeling project. Demolition of a bathroom.............It actually felt good swinging a hammer and knocking out plaster walls especially after 3 close calls on my road trip in. Here's a picture (the big hole in the floor is where the sunken GREEN tub was that matched the green toilet). Yes it got a little dusty (did I say a little?) and it was harder then I thought trying to knock out the ceilings with plaster flying everywhere. But believe it or not by the time I left today everything was out of there and all that was left was some ceiling to demolish. Can't wait to see the finished project as my dil has some kewl ideals for a black & white room.

Today the weather man was calling for a winter storm up here where I live but down there all they were expecting was rain. I was lucky enough to get Allayah out of school early this afternoon becuz I knew we would be driving in a mess. We left Watertown with rain pouring all over us and by the time we reached Columbus it was raining so hard that it took everything just to see where the road was. After that we hit sleet which slowed us down again. By the time we were 20 mins from Stevens Point the snow was coming down BIG, fast and heavy. This was one time that I was glad to be falling a semi even if I was only doing 40MPH. I was never so happy to pull into my garage and the safety of my own home. Here's a few pictures of Allayah in the snowstorm minus the umbrella she was carrying when we left Watertown. She's already had her evening swim (those are her 1st words when she gets here......can we go swimming NOW?) and now is busy playing with her Barbie dolls before bed. I'm sure we will all sleep well tonite.
I've had some emails that people are having problems leaving comments so I changed a few things and I'm hoping it will all work again as I miss hearing from you all!


Lorraine said...

Glad to see you made it home safely. Lorraine

Tona said...

Wow! Didn't sound like a fun drive at all. Glad you made it home safe & sound.