Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm back!

Well we got back to Wisconsin last nite and what a rude awakening to come home to all this snow! I even broke my ice scraper trying to get all the snow & ice off the car in the airport lot! Took awhile too before the fireplace actually heated the house back up.....thank goodness for flannel sheets & electric blankets. To think just a few days ago it was 77 and we were wearing shorts. Grass was green in Texas and flowers were blooming......we even played croquet!

If that wasn't bad enough we woke up to more snow and it has been snowing all day but I'm not going out there and shoveling NO WAY! So here is a couple of pictures from Texas.......Me reading a good book(actually I read 4) out in the sun on the deck and Kevin taking a break after golfing 18 holes. Wouldn't be complete without a picture of their beautiful deck and of course one with my brother Tony and the bowling ball yard art.
We had a wonderful time, ate well and did some major relaxing! But you know what they say....all good things must come to an end so here we are back in Wisconsin where the temperature is 21 and it is snowing!


Tona said...

Welcome back! Sorry you had to return to snow after that nice warm sunny time you had in Texas.
Love your brothers bowling ball yard art!

Niki_Ray said...

Welcome back..looks warm and cozy..I want I am glade all is safe except the ice scrapper hehe Welcome home :)

Tami B. said...

Sunshine and a few good books read on the deck sounds like heaven. Love the bowling ball yard art...inspiring. Sorry you had to go home to more snow. That happened to me a few days ago. It's no fun.

Mardi said...

Oh my, I could use a vacation like that right now. Has this been the longest winter or what. Glad you had a great time!