Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can you say BAD DAY?

I'm not talking about a bad hair day cuz that is going good today but it all started yesterday when the city showed up to start doing some ditching in front of our house to solve a water problem that we don't have. This is the before picture. The other picture is the other side of the driveway and the extra lot we own. You can't see the pink flag there (the right of way) as it is in the middle of those bushes in front of our wood pile.

Mind you we just got these letters hand delivered on Friday so really no chance to fight the city on it. Here you can see them marking how much of our lawn we are going to lose to this "swail" ditch system(about 20 feet). I called the mayor, the street department, the engineering department and our alderperson and got absolutely no where except for getting my blood pressure up and stress level up.
Here's a picture of the park side that they finished yesterday directly across from us. Nice huh? Good news is they are going to go down that side all the way to the end so we will be the last block done.

Bad news is that with all those heavy machinery out there yesterday I found that one of my glass jar full of flowers was knocked off the shelf in my scraproom. I cleaned up the mess last night and thought this morning I would do some scrapping.

I was going to move the glass jars so that no more would fall off due to the vibrations but guess what happened NOW? The shelf came away from the window and EVERYTHING fell off........... so now I have a really bad, flowers all mixed together. I will have to take everything off the shelves and wait for Kevin to put it back up more securely...........probably didn't help that I kept buying pretty glass jars and sorting my flowers, buttons etc..........maybe it was a little my fault? Right now I just know that I got to get out of this house before I start pulling my hair out.....maybe some chocolate and shopping might help???


rosegarden said...

Wow - Louise, that seems like a HUGE right-of-way! I would be crying and depressed. Sorry I can't be very helpful. You have a beautiful yard to have them do that to it - this isn't stimulus money is it?

patty w said...

Geez Louise ! :)

Wow...that is a big right of way or appears to be. I don't understand why the residents were given more notice?? That doesn't seem right. Seems like they would even have to do a posting in the local newspaper? I know with some changes they are required to. Of course, I live in a township and not a city.

I feel for you, you've got a beautiful property and it makes me want to cry with you!

And...broken scrap that's a fightin' issue for sure!

Patty 2832
Big hugs!

Jenn J said...

Oh you poor thing! I would be screaming and crying! It's CRAZY how they waste money on projects we don't need then complain we don't have funds for things we DO need. Sorry you're having to deal with this!!

MaryNSC said...

OO I so sorry U having a bad day.. I did tooo was at Doctors all day Poking and a probing.. Then go to WalMart to get meds and while inside some one ran into the side of my truck..
GO to Police today and they say the cameras they use are no good.. ARGGGGGGGGGG
BUt then I got HOME and had a WONDERFUL PACKAGE waitng on ME so Mine turned OUT VERY HAPPY thank U for my goodies.. U start watching your mail box now..

Lorraine said...

Oh boy Louise......sending a huge cyberhug your way.

lfalduto said...

Oh Louise that totally stinks that they are taking that much of your beautiful front yard. I'd be upset too.

java diva said...

Oh no! That would definitely give me a headache.
Wish you could come here to escape!

Jessica said...

So sorry Louise, I hope the shopping helped. But you didn't buy any more glass jars did you? lol only kidding. What ever you bought, I'm sure it was wonderful!

Krafty Wahine said...

ooooooh nooooo! i am so sorry for you, Louise. i would be happy to come and help clean up... send me a ticket and i'll be there!!!! i hope your next jars will be even prettier than the old ones!! take care...

Melanie Stanczyk said...

holy cow. They really messed up your yard and your scrapbook room.