Wednesday, June 3, 2009

colors of the rainbow

The other day I was at Goodwill and picked up this bag of mesh remnants and the colors were so pretty that they reminded me of a rainbow. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it but for 99cents for this bag full I knew I could come up with something and this is the layout that I did. It's easier to see in the closeup but I used the purple mesh as a mat for the pictures and
then I tied a piece together and put a black button on it to use as a decoration in the center of the page. I like the way it turned you have any other thoughts on how to use this mesh?

Here is a picture of the color of the pool floors and NO the situation isn't solved yet but the pool is almost balanced and I hope to recover it by tonite and start heating it back up to a comfortable swimming temperature. The baby in the picture playing in the sand was Allayah when she was small. The artist actually painted her from a snapshot and added her to that mural. It's funny when she comes now as she will stand there looking at herself wondering if she was really that small LOL!

Well it is only 37 right now but we are heading for a high today of 69 which was the same as yesterday so off to get some stuff done around the house.


patty w said...

Great Lo and what a nice find!

You could "ink" over it too and make a background print.

Paul said...

Mesh looks gorgeous on wedding cards when you cut out an oval shape in the middle of the card and glue a stamped image on a bouquet of roses. Use the mesh for a background. Have fun with it.

Hang in there with your drainage ditch'll make yourself sick.

Tona said...

Great layout. I like how you used your mesh. You could paint over parts of it, spray a glimmer mist type product on it, tie it in a knot around your journaling or photo & put some Heidi Grace pins through the knot.

Debby said...

Wonderful find and great use of it on your layout. I loved your mural of your daughter. Our temps have been up to 98 degrees for the last two days. It's been too much for me.

Mardi said...

I use mesh like ribbon, trying tying it in a bow. Looks awesome on cards. I love what you did with it on your layout!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Awesome score on the MESH! Have fun with it.

java diva said...

Fun stuff!!
What is that beautiful 12x12 you scrapped on?

marla said...

Wow what beautiful pool area. Love how you used the mesh!!