Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day book

I haven't blogged for abit but I do have an excuse.....I have a condition called "costochondritis".
Pain caused by costochondritis may mimic that of a heart attack or other heart conditions (that's the definition) I think all the stress in my life finally caught up with my body and this kicked in big time. So I took my meds, rested ALLOT and just chilled out. We even did some fishing over the week-end and at this moment I feel all better. When it happens it can be real scarey as I don't know if it is the "real thing" or not.

I made this little paper bag album for my Kevin for father's day. He has been such a great step dad to my sons, a great grandfather and a great husband with little recognition from anyone. So while he went golfing with his dad I spent the day doing this.

I used everything from staples to ribbons to paperclips and I think it turned out well. There are 3 pockets with tags that pull out and also have pictures on them too.

I also liked that I tried a different way of making this album......instead of closing it and punching holes on the outside to tie........I opened it to the middle and made 2 sets of holes on the top and bottom and threaded ribbons thru them and tied them on the outside. Made a big difference!
I hope to get another project done today since it will be in the 90's so stay tuned!


Tona said...

This turned out great!!! Nice job! I'm sure he loved it.

rosegarden said...

There you are :0) Nice project

marla said...

Louise what an awesome gift to show Kevin how happy and lucky you feel to have him. A great project for sure!!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Great little book!

Jessica said...

Louise, this is wonderful! I can tell you did it with love! What a lucky guy Kevin is to have you. Well done.

java diva said...

That looks great!!
Louise, please go easy on yourself...give yourself lots of TLC, you're really scaring me! I know all this yard demolishing gets you worked up. Take yoga! :P