Friday, April 17, 2009

Vegas Vegas Vegas

Downtown in Las Vegas is a section called Fremont Street. It's only about 4 blocks long filled with shops and some casino's including the famous Binion's casino but the big attraction is the canopy of lights that cover the street spanning about 4 football fields. It has 12 million LED synchronized lights and a sound system that will blow you away. Starting at 6pm until midnite there is a different 6 minute show above you and the best part is that it is FREE...............millions of people watch it everynight and here are a few pictures that I got. Notice they turn off all the street signs when the show starts so that only the canopy is illuminated.

This show is so amazing.......imagine the train running up and down the street above you and then the planes came..............the sounds, the music and such detail. Don't miss it if you ever go.

Back to the strip there is a casino called The Venetian and it has to be one of the most intricate designed casinos including a canal where you can take your own romantic gondola ride in their canal. The guy even serenades you during your ride. You can choose indoor or outdoor too!

Well I'm going to start sorting thru the 10 boxes of goodies that I bought at Fiskars warehouse sale yesterday and then will be back with pictures of that to amaze you.


Tona said...

Wow! You're making me want to go to Las Vegas just to see the sights. I can just imagine how fantastic that light show is.

Mardi said...

Fremont street is my fav part of Vegas!!!