Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Las Vegas

I have been to Vegas before but I always find something new when I go there. This time we stayed at Harrah's which is right in the middle of the strip so you can walk either way and see so much. Our room was gorgeous and huge but lacking the little things we need like a coffee maker, mini fridg, microwave and internet connection ($12/day...I'm so
glad I carried my laptop all this way)!

Thanks to a blog comment I went to Bellagio to take pictures of the glass flowers that I did not know were there and we found the most wonderful conservatory full of flowers and butterflies. Take a look at some of these pictures!
Those are huge glass flowers that cover the ceiling in the lobby.

Those are actually beams of water going over Kevin's head...........how kewl is that? Same with those big round things that look like glass in the flower beds actually have water flowing all around them & then down into the flowers. And look at all the colors of the tulips and the huge watering can sprinkling on them and around them.

There was a butterfly house in the middle and Kevin got this awesome closeup of a butterfly!

I can almost smell the flowers looking at these pictures! Can't you?

I'm one of those people that approaches people taking pictures of each other and offer to take some of them together with their camera. It's kinda like my secret RAK and people are always happy to get a picture of them when they are on vacation. This time it paid off as those people turned around and offered to take some of Kevin & I so we now have some nice pictures of us on vacation!

This last picture is of the lobby.....looking at that while checking in would make anyone relax.

The one thing to remember if you ever go to Vegas is to check out all the lobbies and pools. The casino's are grand in themselves but the beauty usually shows up in other places. Stay tuned tomorrow for some more looks at Vegas.


Maxine Hodges said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a great time. So glad you got ot have some fun in a warmer climate. The photos of you are wonderful. Glad you had a good time.

marla said...

Wow Louise what beautiful photos!!!

Tona said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

The Hawkinson's said...

Hey there, did you get a full pic of the flowers on the ceiling or can you send me a copy of what you have? I was at a friends house and she had framed a 4x6 of the flowers and it was really pretty. I thought it would look great in a frame I have. Thanks and so glad you had a great time and you look so pretty after your ladies day; all rested and relaxed. How fun!