Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm on a roll!

Well I hope to be on a roll............a lucky roll that is! I am just finishing up packing our bags as we leave for Vegas today so even tho we are taking our laptop with us not sure how much time I will have to blog! This will be the last one that has a picture for now as I don't want to take cords for downloading pics etc plus I'm hoping not to have time for that either.

So tonite my oldest brother Norm will be picking us up in Vegas and then we are going to Bull Head City, AZ to spend a few days with my mom who lives there. That's a pretty place to visit since it lies right on the river that separates Arizona from Nevada. We can cross the river to Laughlin (which is a mini Las Vegas) play bingo and the funny part is that they are different time zones so you always have to ask which time.We actually got married there on a riverboat cruise at twilight almost 10 years ago. But the weather is in the 80's there so some nice sun and some relaxation will be much appreciated. Mom & I are going to have a girls day and go get our hair and nails done too so that will be fun.

We head for Vegas on Wednesday and are thinking about doing the Hoover Dam tour on the way in. I did it like 20 years ago with 2 of my boys when they were small but I think Kevin would enjoy seeing it as it is spectacular. We are staying at Harrah's which is right on the strip and there are so many things you can walk to and see. We hope to take in a show but are playing everything by ear. Kevin bowls in the Nationals on Thursday and Friday but both times are in the evening so that leaves us plenty of time to make our "fortune" on the slots. OK maybe we won't but there are allot of fun penny slots out there that I can play. One of my favorites is called Wizard of Oz and you actually sit in a chair (not a stool) and it has surround sound so that when the wicked witch is flying in you actually think she is behind you...........hard to explain just something you have to try if you ever see it. There are also so many free things to see like the sinking of the ship or the water shows. The lights, the shops and even the restaurant's are all experiences in themselves. We have been there many times but always see something new when we go. We will be back late Sunday night so we will be spending Easter either on a plane or in an airport.

I did do one last layout a few days ago of the day my 1st grandchild was born so I will leave you with that...............and Wish me LUCK!!!!


Tona said...

Love the colors in your layout.
Good luck in Las Vegas! Have a safe, relaxing, & super fun trip!

Jen said...

Best wishes Louise! Have fun and keep in touch...

Maxine Hodges said...

Hope that your pennies turn into dollars. Have fun in the warm weather! Good luck to your husband in the bowling tournament