Monday, April 6, 2009

Arizona pictures

Ok I forgot I had a memory card in my camera and all I had to do was unload those pics.......geez here are a few pics of some pretty flowers and cactus right around my moms place. So everything you heard about Arizona being dry and hot well that's still true but lots of pretty flowers everywhere right now. Mr. Brown (my husband) is golfing right now with my mom & Bob while I just chill out and relax here. Here's a picture of me & my mom last nite before we went across the river to have brunch at one of the casino's.

We leave for Vegas on Wednesday and keep your fingers crossed that Kevin's bowling balls get there in time for him to bowl. He shipped them UPS at the last moment on Friday & he thought they would be there in time for him to bowl in the 40frame game on Wednesday but after checking the online notice it sure isn't looking good. We did play bingo yesterday and we all got close with needing just 1 number but no winners!

Make sure that snow is all gone before I get back!!


Tona said...

Great photo of you & your mom.
Pretty flower pictures too.
Hope the bowling balls make to Vegas in time.

Maxine Hodges said...

Have fun in the warm weather. Harrah's is in the middle of everything. Go watch the Bellagio fountains! that was one of my favorite things. the Hoover Dam tour was realy great too. We went on a bus tour to the Grand Canyon, except our driver got lost and could find it. Finally, 2 hours late we found it. We had a new driver on the way back to the hotel. Good luck with those pennies!

Jen said...

Glad you made it ok! Hope that you have a good time...and Kevin gets his things on time! That could be a nightmare :)

marla said...

HOw awesome Louise for you to get to enjoy some sun!!! I LOVE the winter Arizona weather. We have family that live there also and I got to visit in Feb. for a weekend and LOVED the sun!!!

java diva said...

Man, bummer you didn't win at bingo! I love bingo!
Will you get a chance to take pics of the glass flowers in the Bellagio?? I would love to see those someday!

Redfern/Andrews said...

What a great way to stay in touch! I love the pictures and cant wait to see more!