Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goodies Box Sale

Ok I have filled all my orders so far and I have lots of neat stuff left from the warehouse sale so this is how it will work. Right now the only way I know of an easy way to ship craft supplies (especially paper) is to use a flat rate box from the Post office for $ fits allot and protects what is in there and no weight limits.

So right now I'm going to list what lines I do have and then if you are interested you can pick a price limit and which lines.
I have a few Heidi Grace flocked card sets
raindots.....all colors, letters, numbers, flowers, etc
flower packs, 80pc brads in a tin (assorted colors available), ribbon packs
Cloud 9 Cocoa Mint (paper only)
Max's backyard (embellishments only)
St. Valentime (paper & emb)
Be Loved (paper & emb)
Dee's Cottage (paper & emb)
Sunrise Smoothi (paper & Emb)
Kensington Gardens (paper & emb)

Heidi Grace It's my Party (paper & emb)
A Little Birds Tale (paper & emb)
Winter (paper & emb)
Reagans Closet (paper only)
We are Family (paper 7 emb)
Time (paper & emb) this line is really neat
Valentimes Day (paper & emb)

Kim Polosum Blooming Love (paper & emb)

You can really get allot for your money thru a sale like this. I'm hoping some of the people I have sold to in the past will put comments here on how much they loved what they got. I haven't taken pictures of any of it but you can check out the links on the Fiskars site to the sale they are running this week at 30%off just to get an ideal what the line looks like.......and the sale prices you see there .... well when you see what you get for your money you will know I shopped the warehouse and passed those prices on to you.

you can email me at with questions and orders. First come first served as I do have a limited inventory of everything but want to share my luck with you all especially my Fiskateer friends! Sorry I can only ship in the states at these prices.


Paul said...

Wow Louise that's real sweet of you to do this. I got some goodies in the past and they were marvelous. And you can't beat the price either. So sorry you won't ship to Canada.....oh well. that's ok. I still have lots form the last time.

Mardi said...

Oh my goodness, Louise definitely takes care of Fiskateers. I got a large box of goodies from Louise awhile back and just told her to send me another box. When she says she packs the boxes well, she definitely means it! I can't thank Louise enough for all the time and effort she puts into spreading the Fiskalove!

Barb - Fiskateer #2975 said...

Hi Louise!

I very much enjoyed the last packet of papers/stickers you brought back for me! You did a great job of picking out things! Especially considering my only instructions were "I have boys!"

Thanks so much for doing this for the Fiskateers!

Tona said...

I just got my box from Louise in the mail today. (I also ordered a box full last sale). All I can say to anybody is "Jump on it!". You won't believe what you get for your money. We're talking pennies on the dollar here. Louise you can be my personal shopper any time!!! As long as you're willing, Louise, I'll be placing an order each time you go to the sale.
I really appreciate all the time & trouble you go through to do this for us. There are people out there who would see this as a money making opportunity but Louise passes on her good deals directly to us.
Thanks again, Louise! You're the best!!

pattyb said...

Man Louise my husband is going to leave me but I have to have some more stuff.

MaryMc61 said...


This is so great of you to do this...I bought from her from the last one and what a DEAL! You guys have to jump on this...I sent you an email Louise I want another one lol!


marla said...

I too bought from Louise at the last two sales. I LOVED the stuff I got last time. I received stuff I didnt even know what out there. I am excited to be getting another box of goodies. What a sweetheart Louise is for passing on the good deals to use fisk-a-friends that cant attend the sale!!

Redfern/Andrews said...

I enjoy following your blog. Why aren't you following mine? :o)

java diva said...

Like Tona said, Louise you are a great personal shopper! I loved the papers you picked for me and all those embellishments!
I would ask for some Dee's Cottage paper this time, but I only want 1 particular sheet, not worth mailing to me! :)
So nice of you to think of your Fiskateers!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! The boxes of goodies that Louise packs are out of this world..I'm still amazed at the last box U sent thru a friend of mine....incredible deals for fabulous stuff..thanks for doing this for other fiskateers who can't make it to these awesome warehouse sales..a great way od spreading the love..Your the best!!

Jessica said...

Wow!!! This sounds wonderful. Not sure how it works, so I'm sending an emai now!! thanks

rosegarden said...

I made arrangements for an order this morning - Such a great person to work with. I can't wait to see what shows up in my box. Very accomodating and gracious with my questions.

Mary said...

I got my box of awesome goodies today, and all I can say is wow! What a great box of wonderful stuff! I loved everything so much I wish I had ordered 2 boxes :) not that I need more but I just loved everything, Thanks so much Louise. If anyone is debating ordering they should stop hesitating! I am definitely putting in a order from Louise for the next sale.

rosegarden said...

WOW is right! My box is so awesome! I will def order again - Amazing - simply amazong

Barb - Fiskateer #2975 said...

HI Louise -
Thank you so much for the box of papers and embellishments! I've had fun going through them all! I went to the LSS to pick up a few additional 12x12 papers... 13 pages for $18. It reminded me (yet again) what a great bargain the fiskars sale is and how wonderful you are to share it with us!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I received my box today and what an AWESOME NSD surprise! Louise, I just can't THANK YOU enough! I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING that was in it. Like someone else said, you can be my personal shopper ANYTIME. It is really sweet of you to share your "goodies" with us. If you are willing, I will be ordering a box of "goodies" every time you offer!

Thanks again!!

Fiskateer #6161