Monday, April 13, 2009

The late arriving balls.

I guess I did forget to mention that Kevin's bowling balls did arrive on Thursday so he didn't miss out bowling in the Nationals but he did miss bowling in the 40frame game on Wednesday nite. If you are wondering how he did.............I would of course say Awesome but not as well as he usually bowls. Not only is it hard bowling with strangers but the lanes are always harder in a contest due to the oil on the lanes. So if a team works together you wear a path through the oil and make it easier to bowl strikes but in a situation like this where you have strangers all bowling their own way it just doesn't work. Plus you have to remember that Kevin just recovered from the torn cartilage in his ribs from that fall on the ice. He was not happy with his bowling and said "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" end of the story LOL! FYI this building was not a bowling alley....they actually build this all from scratch and you just can't imagine how big and impressive it is. I think there is like 70 lanes & they are all full. People come from everywhere to bowl and quite of few of the guys were from Canada.

Friday nite Kevin didn't bowl until 11:30pm and didn't get done until almost 2am. Last year I was lucky enuf to watch him from the comfort of our hotel on my computer since you can watch it live but this year that wasn't happening because in Vegas you pay $12/day to connect your computer in any hotel (guess they don't want you to stay in your room LOL). I also was actually able to take pictures on my computer too while he bowled so this year Kevin's dad did it for us as you can see from these 2 pictures.

Next year the competition will be in Reno which is actually one we went to once before. It's a gorgeous place so you never know we might be going back again! Last year it was in Albuquerque, New Mexico so that was someplace new for us and we enjoyed it immensely. Guess we will have to see if we have some "spare" time!


Tona said...

Welcome back!
Omg! I can't even imagine trying to bowl that late at night. They'd have to wake me up between frames lol! If he goes to Reno next year maybe you can meet up with Angela.

Maxine Hodges said...

Glad you are home safely. Just to get to go to the Nationals would make many a man drool. Considering his injury, I am sure he did well. Many of the hotels are starting to charge outrageous amounts for intenet. In Hawaii it was 39.99 per night, unless the company that we went with got it down to 39. for the whole week. Glad you had a wonderful trip

Carla Rae said...

That's neat that he got to be in the Nationals...My Mom and Dad are big into bowling, For my Sweet Sixteen Bday I got a ball and shoes...LOL They have had to switch to small balls now that they are getting older but still LOVE the competition.