Monday, April 27, 2009

Anyone still looking for some Fiskar goodies?

Well I wish I could say I had a wonderful time out of town this past week-end but I actually wasn't feeling well and spent most of my time in bed. Thank goodness we had a really nice room at the Holiday Inn! I did go to the doctors today but they didn't offer any answers just a new med so we will see how I do over the next few days. I've slept so much in the past 3 days that I thought maybe I had mono.

I have all my boxes shipped out but I still have some really nice stuff left so if you are still thinking about it especially after seeing all the nice comments I got from people receiving theirs...........just drop me an email. Plus I think postage rates go up next month.

Tomorrow, my friend Jen & I are driving to Rhinelander and we are taking a Copics class. Doesn't that sound like fun? 3 hours of fun time learning how to color with them plus we get to take 5 of them home with us. What a great way to introduce people to something new! Will let you know how it goes!


marla said...

Louise - so sorry you havent been feeling well. It is no fun to be in bed when I know you would rather be playing with all your Fiskar goodies. I hope you have fun at th Copics class. I would LOVE to attend one of these to better learn how to use the few Copics that I do have.

MaryNSC said...

WELL I Hope U better today!!!

Tona said...

If somebody around me was doing a Copics class I would sure be there. I haven't bought any of the markers because I was afraid that I wouldn't use them to their full potential without having a class on them.
Hope you're feeling all better now.

Melanie Stanczyk said...

The copic class sounds great! Can't wait to see what you are gonna make now.

Hope you are feeling better!

Maxine Hodges said...

Louise, I hope you are feeling better. Anyone who is thinking about whether to buy fiskars from Louise - don't hesitate!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Hi Louise, I hope you are feeling better.
I just sent you an email :)