Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stop & smell the flowers

Endless summer hydrangea..............blue, purple or pink...........gorgeous huh? And they will bloom all summer!

This morning Kevin & I went to IHOP for breakfast and then came home to do some yard work before the heat set in. He is on vacation this week though we have no big plans at all. He mowed the lawn and I pulled a few weeds and did some dead heading of my flowers. It seems like everything is in bloom and so many pretty flowers out there that I thought I would share some pictures since he went off golfing for the afternoon. If you can remember earlier this spring we put in some new flower beds to finish off our landscaping project and they looked pretty sparce back then but take a look now!!!

And this is near the pond and waterfall tho it is quite hard to even see the stream anymore!

Flowers seem to bring out the peace in me and I love the way they attract birds and butterflies and especially all the hummingbirds right now. The beauty just goes on and on and the fragrances back there........well I wish I could just bottle it!
I Love my green thumb and love sharing the beauty with all of you.


Tona said...

Your gardens are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica said...

Oh how lovely. I gotta tell you, when I'm free to travel again, one of the first places I want to visit is your garden! I would love to just sit and visit while smelling the fragrance and watching the birds and bugs! You are so lucky to have a green thumb.