Tuesday, August 18, 2009

moving stamps to a binder

I will be the first to admit that I do own a FEW stamps both wooden and acrylic. The wooden stamps are displayed on 2 long shelves and also stamped in a book so I know what I have. The unmounted ones were all in CD cases in a CD stand...........they looked nice and it worked but I was always searching thru them to find the ones that I wanted to use.

So I meet this new friend Lori and she sells stamps from The Angel Company and while looking through their catalogue I see that they sell plastic storage sheets for the stamps. You get 3 sheets in a package for $4 and of course you can use both sides of the sheet. You can fit allot of stamps on a page and then when you are done.............you ink them all up and press a sheet of paper against it so that you have a stamped image sheet next to your stamps. Some of the clear stamps are very hard to tell what they are until they are stamped (as you can tell by the first couple of pictures). It took me 3 sets to do all my stamps and each set is in a binder so I have 3 binders full.

I think not only is the right way for me to store them but I will be using my stamps more since they are easy to access and easy to find! I actually did even find some stamps that I won't use so will be sharing those with someone soon.


Jessica said...

Hey there, long time no see!
I think this is a great idea, and the stamps are probably easier to find.
I just changed my clear stamps over into cd cases. I have some wood mounts that'll stay that way. And, I just bought a 3 drawer chest to put my stamps in. So I can only imagine what my sweetie would say if I started changing them around again! lol I too found some old stamps that I had hardly used. But I use em now! I still have some old foam Christmas stamps, that need to go into their cd cases. I hope all is going well with you, I'm still praying!
Take care....Jess

Aeify said...

I love your binder!! Mine are in a binder in those 8.5x11 page protectors... works pretty well and keeps the pets from flicking them off the page LOL!

marla said...

I totally agree Louise. I am about ready to try and do something similar because I have 3 CD cases full of CDs but they arent easy to access so I dont use them like I should. I LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing!!

Lorraine said...

great idea.....I don't have that many stamps so I know what I have....but maybe someday...thanks for sharing though..I'll remember that;

Groovy Deborah said...

I did the same sort of thing stamping the images onto paper and inserting to the CD case front. I have like IDK? 15 of them full! I found myself putting them in the drawer and not using them often so I may go the binder method next :)