Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update on the house sale

Well it sure has been a whirlwind year that has gone by. Things change so much when selling a house. It was hard enough cleaning, packing things up and even showcasing the room in a different my scraproom. If you look below you can see pictures of my craft room and then I will show you how it looks now with a beautiful daybed in it. Bad part is that ALLOT of my scrap supplies got boxed up so I have slim pickings to craft with now.

Ok so when I look at it did look cluttered tho it was well organized!

So within the first few weeks we had an accepted offer for FULL price but then they backed out the very next day. I do think he had a job transfer to be a school district supervisor and found out too late that he had to live in the district. That was a big disappointment. The rest of the summer was full of showings and then lowering the price a few times.

In August we got an offer on our house so we started doing some serious house hunting because within weeks the gal buying our house had a buyer for hers. The first house we found was really neat, low taxes, great neighborhood, awesome yard but it was a quad level just like the one we are moving out of so after careful thought we walked away from that. It was looking pretty hopeless and then we found THE house. Best part it was vacant so we could start moving in right away. It had the most awesome craft room with all around the room countertop, shelves, drawers and even a sink. I couldn't wait to begin scrapping in it. So next came packing stuff up, changing utilities and getting home insurance to cover both places. The week in September when we were supposed to be moving our realtor told us their was a problem with the one buyer getting financing (not our buyer but her buyer) all week we held our breath and then it all fell through. It was really hard getting that phone call and then cancelling utilities, insurance and friends coming to help move.

So here we sit with lots of boxes still packed but we still have a buyer. She needs to sell her house and then it's off to find another house.......hopefully it won't happen until spring and the snow and cold weather goes away.

I have started scrapping again and have been making allot of cards this year. This week I made a gratitude journal. I found writing down one good thing each day kept me from dwelling on all the negative things going on in my family life. Here's a couple pictures of it.
Well that's it for now & Hopefully I will be back allot sooner then in the past!

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