Thursday, October 22, 2009

BOOO -- I'm back with a RAK!

Just got home tonite from a wonderful vacation with warm weather and wonderful family time. Unfortunately came home to chilly rainy weather with maybe even some snow on the way.

So before I go to bed ...........I wanted to offer a Halloween RAK..............all you need to do is leave an easy favorite recipe that you enjoy making...........maybe something for the slow cooker, a desert or hot dish. I know from the past that coming back from vacation means catching up on lots of stuff including laundry etc so you could make my life easier with your recipes. I will draw a name next week-end and this is what you can win. Lots of nice spooky goodies including a set of Fiskars trick or treat clear stamps!
Will tell you more about my trip tomorrow!


rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Hey Louise - you won a Bistro punch over at Fiskateers! Make sure you find Rebecca's thread

rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Okay, I remember a Weight Watchers recipe that I love this time of year. Take a baking type apple,run it through an apple slicer with the skin still on but the core removed. Pour diet red pop on top and add a couple tablespoons of granola or whole bran, a bit of Splenda or brown sugar. Microwave for 4 minutes. Add fat free or low fat cool whip. Oh my gosh, it is heaven in less than 5 minutes

jigglipuff7575 said...

I am sure you had a great time In AZ. I am jealous because I am sure the weather was great.

Ashani #4682

stampkjs said...

Hi Louise, welcome back. I keep seeing we have more in common... while you were in AZ, so was I!! Guess we both have family in AZ! Our daughter live in Phoenix with her husband. She works for Make-A-Wish at their national office in Phoenix. I do not know where the town is that your mom is at, but if it is close to Phoenix you would have had the HOT weather I had while there which was 101 degrees!!! Too hot for my liking. Some day I do hope to meet you!

Kelly #6558

pattyb said...

I do pulled pork in the crock pot...I sear the pork roast and then add the onions (halved), and then add a bottle of root beer and garlic to taste...I like lots. And then I cook for 8 comes out pretty good. Then when it's done you add barbeque sauce if you want. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Lesa said...

Hi, Louise! So glad you had a great, warm time in AZ. I've got an easy Weight Watchers recipe for you--Taco Soup.
In a large stock pot or dutch oven, brown 1 to 2 lb of lean ground beef or ground turkey. Drain. Add in 1 small to medium diced onion. Now add the following canned contents w/ their juices: 1 can of petite diced tomatoes, 1 can Rotel tomatos and chilis, 3 cans of your choice of beans (black, chili, kidney, etc--all the same, mixed or whatever combo you want), 1 can white corn kernals. Mix in 1 package of Hidden Valley dressing mix and 1 package of Chili O or Taco Seasoning. Simmer on stove top until heated through and serve.

Looking forward to seeing you pics! Lesa #5200

Jessica said...

Glad to have you back. I'm not interested in winning the RAK as I have no little ones to celebrate halloween with. So if I win, draw someone else.
My favorite warm your tummy recipe is a tuna noodle cassarole. It's very simple
Tuna 2 or 3 cans
Large bag of egg noodles
2 cans of mushroom soup
What ever spices you like. For me it's just salt and pepper and a little garlic powder
Some folks like onion in it too
It's very simple too, even my sons could make it when they were young.
Just boil the noodles (not too well cooked)Drain them
Mix all the other ingredients together and then pour it into the noodles, then into a cassarole dish and into the oven for 20 to 30 minutes. Voila! Maybe a little garlic bread, or some dinner rolls. And it warms you after being out picking apples or searching for the perfect pumpkin.

Jinx said...

My fave recipe is one that my mother taught me when i moved out. Its very very simple and DELICIOUS!
I pass the recipe on to friends and its a now fave of theirs also.

You need:
ground beef or turkey
shredded hash browns
shredded cheese
cream of mushroom soup OR cream of chicken soup

Take you beef (what ever you choose to use, ground turkey or beef)and fry it up like you would spaghetti meat or sloppy joe meat. (You know chopped up).

Then throw it into a casserole dish or another sort of baking dish.

Take shredded hashbrowns and spread on top of the meat that you just put in the dish.

Then take cream of mushroom or chicken soup and spread on top of the hashbrowns.

Lastly, you take shredded cheese and sprinkle on top.

Bake in the oven at 400.
I don't ever set my timer to this recipe because you just want to keep watching it and making sure the hash browns cook thoroughly.

The dish is complete when you see that the hash browns are done and the cheese is melted.

Hope you enjoy!

connie said...

Glad you had a great trip. One of our favorites is Taco Soup but someone already left the recipe. How about a cake.

Triple Chocolate Cake

1 box devils food cake mix w/pudding in the mix
1 small box chocolate instant pudding
1 8oz container of sour cream
4 eggs
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup water
1 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips

hand mix first 6 ingredients until blended (will be a little thick). Fold in chocolate chips. Pour into greased bundt pan and bake at 375 for 55-60 minutes.
When cooled sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy!

connie #2909