Saturday, October 24, 2009

Arizona was GREAT!!

You just can't have a bad time in is always the same..........sunny and warm......and even tho one day it was 102, it never felt like it since it is a dry heat. You don't even sweat there.....well at least I don't.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and was surprised to see BOTH of my brothers picking us up at the airport so we all had a nice visit on the drive home (1 1/2 hours). Went out to eat in the evening and they served Spumoni (Italian ice cream cake) for desert. Here's a picture of Kevin having his and it also has a candle on it!

Sunday after church we headed to Riverside casino for their champagne brunch. It wasn't as impressive as I remembered...............not like the seafood buffets we normally hit on Fridays. We watched the Packers play in the Losers Lounge since they weren't on regular tv this week. After that we headed back to my moms and sat in the hot tub and did some more visiting. This picture is of my 2 older brothers, my mom & I out on her deck in back.

Monday was golf day..............first time I played in over 7 years. It really wasn't as bad as I remembered. I only lost 5 to the water, 2 to the bushes, 1 across the street and the last ended up on someone's patio (hoping it didn't hit or break anything). This was an unusual course as it was surrounded by condo's so lots of windows just begging to be hit especially from someone like me who doesn't hit it straight and far yet! What a great way to spend 4 1/2 hours ..............getting some sun, exercise and enjoying some wonderful scenery. Here's a picture of my mom, Bob & Kevin just before we went out to play. The 3 of them just LOVE & Bob play almost daily. I think they are hoping that I will get that bug too.

Palm trees, mountains, cactus plants...........and look at how close the houses were. I finally got in a picture too......not a great hair day when wearing a sun visor!

Just had to get a picture of this sign since the comedian playing at the Riverside Casino was Kevin Johnson (same name as my husband). We didn't go see him but the 4 of us did go see Couples Retreat which was a very funny movie.

Now we are back in Wisconsin with temps in the 30's & 40's and lots of rain. I even put our electric blanket back on the bed Thursday night as it was so cold even with flannel sheets. Where is our Indian Summer?


rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

We're not getting an Indian Summer - no wait, it was 67 degrees on Wednesday or Thursday but raining horribly

java diva said...

LOL, Louise, I didn't even see Kevin's name on the sign, not at first. I thought you had to take a picture of a billboard that said, "Nice Rack!" LOL I guess I haven't had enough coffee. :P
Too bad it's not "Nice RAK!" ;)

Lorraine said...

You must have had a wonderful time...thanks for sharing.

Annie said...

ribs for 9.99??? WOW! I'm soooo there :)

Tona said...

It looks like you had a wonderful did you catch the golf bug?

Jessica said...

Hey I left you something on my blog!