Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wanna Win a PRIZE?

Okie Dokie I have a neat contest for this week and all it takes is some imagination.

A friend is hoping to open a Pawn Shop soon and asked me to think of some unique names but seeing as I've only been to a few out in Arizona I thought I would ask for your help. Just leave a comment with your suggestion of a name and you can enter as often as you think of a name.

I will draw a random winner on Sunday and the prize will be a Fiskars 45mm rotary cutter from their coastal collection. Great for you sewers but also works on paper, vinyl and cardboard for those scrappers like me who don't sew much.

Good luck and can't wait to hear your names! If you have any good pawn shop stories to share please do!


Lesa said...

Hi, Louise! Cute cutter and I've never used one of these, LOL!
How about Best in the West Trading Post or Best in the West Pawn Post?

Jenny said...

Hey there! That is fun..

How about a pun:
Queen's Pawn (Chess)

Or even something simple like:
A Fork in the Road

Vijaya Siddharth said...

Fret & Fiddle
EZ Pawn


Lisa's Scrap Site said...


Maxine Hodges said...

I just bought material to make a quilt-in all my spare time, so would love to have that pink tool.

I think a good name would be
The Golden Pawn Shop

Rosalee said...

Nice Cutter. have one but it came from a dollar store so it only works sometimes. Would be a nice "have"
For that pawn shop name how about... Black Pearl Pawn Shop.
Sorry couldn't come up with anything better

marla said...

My daughter has just started sewing so this would be a great tool for her.

A pawn shop name could be:
New Found Treasures
A-1 Pawn shop

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No WAY! A PINK one!!!!! I went to Joann's YESTERDAY saw it and thought I should get it... I didn't !!! Because I thought I didn't need it! NOT TRUE! I regret that decision. I don't have a rotary cutter yet. I'm struggling. =( Thanks for the awesome chance to win! You turned my smile upside down! =)LOL

Answer #1 Easy Money Pawn
Answer #2 In Motion Inc.
Answer #3 The Dream Shop
Answer #4 The Prosper Shop
Answer #5 Prosperity Pawn
Answer #6 White Picket Fence

Whew! That took quite a bit of brain power! Hope it help!

God Bless!

pattyb said...

How about...

Pawn It America
Looking to Pawn
First Class Pawn

If I think of some more, I'll be back. Thanks for the chance Louise. Hope to see you next week.

Jacquie Hart said...

That would really be a great tool to have.

Ok here is a few:

"let's make a deal"
"go green recycle"
How the West was won
Junk into treasures


how about "deal or no deal" #5012 EVE

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Hi Louise! Thanks for the chance, I don't have one of those yet.
so here are my pawn names

1.Finders Keepers

2.Cash for your Stash

3.Reduce, Recycle, we use!

4.Last Chance

5.Grocery Money

6.Cash for Clunkers

This was fun! Thanks for the chance.

Lorraine said...

Hi Louise....I can't think of a name so don't enter me in the RAK.....I have 2 of those.....but whoever wins this is a very lucky gal.....

rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Hi Louise - Pawn to Treasure? I'm not good at these but thought I should at least let you know I've been here this week to view your blog - enjoy your week with the girlies